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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 22, 2007

Your next meeting comes on the first full day of spring it can't come soon enough! The past week has been plenty busy here in the office with the aftermath of town meeting and down one person, but I think we're moving ahead. You've got a fairly normal agenda ahead.

Minutes As always, any written changes are appreciated.

Salt/Sand Shed As you requested, I've drafted up a time line. My intention is to get the variance form for Maine DEP ready tomorrow (the 16 th ) for your review. It should be in your packet. Perry Fowler dropped off a preliminary design that looks to be fairly affordable. There is a large volume of information on the Maine DOT website, some of which I've printed off for you. I've also printed off correspondence with Erich Kluck with the questions you had at the last meeting.

Planning Board Request Stu Branch would like to ask the town attorney a couple of questions in regard to the transmission line Bangor Hydro wants to build through a previously approved subdivision which the utility now owns. I've put his inquiry in your packet and with your permission will formalize that to Tony.

Rules of Procedure The new copy with the current names is in your packet.

Fee Schedule No change from the previous year, except for the names. I tried finding a copy of the returned check policy the other day, and could only come up with a hard copy which was not in the policy manual. I've retyped it into modern computer language and have enclosed it in your packet. If you could look it over and suggest any changes, that would be great.

Resignation of Selectman Tadema-Wielandt from Board of Appeals Chris brought this up at the end of last meeting and you should take a formal vote. I did call Jim Crotteau, but have not heard back from him as of this writing.

Parks Commissioner Shannon Sasso has offered her services in this position. Shannon is also planning to be a Cable TV operator.

Volunteer Firefighter Policy I inquired to the other town administrators around Maine and got a few samples of policy then drafted one that suits us. I've put the replies and the draft in your packet. This is not cast in stone and could probably be worded more clearly. Look it over and bring suggestions.

Lamoine Quarterly I've not started it as of this writing. I hope to do a lot on Friday?

County Ambulance Contract I've put a copy of the proposed contract with no price increase in your packet. How would you like to proceed?

Stick-on number suggestion Deputy Harbor Master Corrigan had a good, inexpensive suggestion purchase the numbers for the mooring balls from Hamilton Marine that the permit holders can be mailed when their permits are renewed. He said it wouldn't cost much and we'll have a lot more income ($3,000) from mooring fees this year, so it's well affordable.

Meet with Harry Lounder As mentioned last meeting, you wished to sit down and chat with everyone who you appoint at some point in the next year. Where it's dog warrant time, and John Karst just stepped down as Deputy, this would be a good time to meet with Harry. Mike Arsenault would like to be an ACO for Lamoine too. I'll send him an agenda.

The unlicensed dog warrant time is here. I'll print off the list of names for your packet, but we won't actually release the warrant to Harry until April.

Spring Meeting Schedule The schedule was outlined last meeting. Jo has a conflict on May 17 th , and the annual tax collectors' & treasurers' conference is also that day. Might we consider just two meetings in May?

Warrant 18 Lots of payroll on here as all the town meeting ballot clerk/moderator time is included. We'll probably have a few bills for thawing out culverts one so far, but we had problems last weekend. I've got a mileage sheet on here for the past 3-months. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Budget Report I've not had a chance yet to reformat the report to include the additional amounts raised at town meeting. Those will come in your April reports. We're still looking at lower than projected excise tax a trend that is being experienced statewide.

Trial Balance As requested on a quarterly basis, the trial balance which generates the budget reports is included.

Bangor Hydro Posted Road Waiver We just got that request in this morning. This has been granted annually which allows the Bangor Hydro Trucks to perform maintenance on posted roads. The request is in your packet.

That's all for now. Just got a winter storm watch report in on the EMA e-mail. Oh Joy!