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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 5, 2007

As Jo put it in an e-mail to me this morning - “Groan”. You've got some heady and expensive stuff to discuss next Thursday.

Jennifer is back in the office – that's great! All is well, business has started to pick up a bit, and spring is officially here! I'm writing this on Wednesday the 28 th because I'll be out of the office on Thursday for a Tax Lien class in Orono.

Minutes – Please review for accuracy/grammar – the usual. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Salt/Sand Shed – Engineering proposals are due by this meeting. I've had several calls on the ad that we've put out, and as I'm writing this on Wednesday, CES from Brewer is planning to come by today to look at the potential site. We should have some good firms to choose from. I'm revising the time-line a bit to reflect the discussion from last meeting. Let me praise the board on its decision to hire an engineer – this will make sure the job is done right.

Roads – As Dennis reported last meeting, we have a lot of ditching needs in town. I've put a report in your packet about the budget status on roads, and that's not pretty.

Fire Department – Another memo is in your packet on the fire department and water quality problems in the pumps/tanks. At some point Chief Smith will want to meet with the board – I'll mention to him that it is on the agenda for this meeting and he might be there.

School Matters - This is the “groan” part. A separate memo is in your packet that briefly addresses the 2007/08 budget and the building renovation project. I would urge the Board to attend the School Committee meeting on Monday the 2 nd if possible. I'll be there to do the TV thing and will play the meeting back on the CTV channel on Tuesday.

Shoreland Zoning – The new ordinance has passed state muster, with conditions. We can appeal the conditions if you think we need to. The Planning Board has this on their agenda for Tuesday the 3 rd .

County Ambulance – John Partridge is supposed to get back to me with a date to meet with you to discuss the contract. In case the date is this meeting, it's on the agenda.

Deputy ACO – Health issues prevented Harry from attending your last meeting. I asked him about appointing Mike Arsenault as the Deputy ACO and he did not have a problem with that. I expect Mike will be present at this meeting as well.

Volunteer FF Policy – The changes from Cynthia have been incorporated into the policy which will be ready for final passage and signature.

Evaluation Forms – Jo & Cynthia have provided some sample forms and I downloaded a couple from the Maine Town & City Management website. If I get a chance, I'll do up a hybrid of the best ideas that might work here.

Warrant 19 – Nothing too big. The three Cingular bills are very small, but we had small ones on the last warrant and apparently the switch over to AT&T has resulted in two bills. Together they're about the same as usual, maybe a bit less.

The larger Wal-Mart bill is for a DVD recorder and portable TV monitor for the CTV system. This worked very well for the town meeting recording!

The Nankervis bill was adjusted downward for the salt purchases.

Cash & Budget Reports – As noted in the separate report, the road budget is basically used up. The excise tax budget is still running quite low. Revenue sharing is getting closer to where it should be. Investment interest is well ahead of where it needs to be. CEO Revenues are down as expected.

Next Meeting Date(s) – If you are comfortable with an evaluation form, you should start to schedule the employee meeting dates with the next meeting. I'll adjust the schedule that was in the last packet to reflect the discussion from last meeting.

That's it for now – we'll see you Thursday.