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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 31, 2007

Having a 2-week break between meetings has given me a little time to catch things up in the town office. I will be umpiring the playoff game at the school prior to the meeting, but that will be done in plenty of time.

Dick Fennelly has been putting up the flags in time for Memorial Day. Bill Parkinson, Edna Coyne, Doug Stewart and I set out the cemetery flags this week. We look pretty spiffy. If I get a couple of hours I'll tackle the planters in front of the town hall this week.

You'll have a pretty busy and important meeting on Thursday, so I'll get right to it.

Minutes – They're in your packet. Written corrections as always are appreciated.

Joint meeting with School Committee/Budget Committee – I've mailed out the same budget materials in your packet to the Budget Committee and the school materials to the School Committee. The latter came from the Superintendent's office.

The purpose of the meeting is to acquaint and get a recommendation from the Budget Committee on the various budget items. The material I've prepared comes with my recommendations at this time. Feel free to come up with different ones at the meeting.

There are some other issues to discuss with both committees.

Jina's Gym Fund – With the looming school consolidation plans from the state, the $185,000 or so currently held by the school department in the Jina's Gym fund is potentially at risk for being seized by the state if and when our school becomes part of a regional district. It is the recommendation from the school department that these funds be turned over to the town and carried as a separate town fund. This will probably require a town meeting vote, and maybe should be added to the warrant.

Portable Classroom Lease – You voted earlier this year to terminate the lease a year early with the school department and turn over the portables this year and take them out of the school budget. I've asked the school department to come up with the paperwork for that.

Future Budget Committee Meeting re: Structure – This would be a joint meeting to discuss the budget committee setup and function as requested by the Board. While they're here, let's set that date.

Town Hall Roofing Project – The deadline for submissions is 4PM on the 31 st . So far one bid has been faxed in (kinda defeats the “sealed” purpose).

Salt/Sand Shed Update – Jim Kiser has prepared the DEP application for a variance and we're working together on a planning board submission for their meeting on June 5 th in regard to the Site Plan Review pre-application.

Maintenance Needs - Jo had e-mailed me in regard to building in maintenance for the facility. I've included a memo in that regard.

Draft Contract – I'll be working up a new contract based a lot on the present one with Nankervis Trucking. I hope to have that in your packets.

Surveying/Road Layout – Steve Salsbury has responded to my request for a price to survey a new entrance to Bloomfield Park . I've included his letter in your packet and mentioned it to Stuart Branch, and he was agreeable to picking up half the cost.

Loss Control Report – MMA Risk Management – The report and a response letter is included in your packet.

Honor Graduate Certificates – We have a big batch of them this year, and the certificates will be printed and ready for signature on meeting night.

Thank-you to Cleanup Crew – The road warriors showed up in the drizzle and did a very nice job on the roads they tackled. I'll have letters done up for you to sign as well.

Road Repairs – FEMA was here on Monday to tour the damage. Dennis rode with the gentleman from FEMA and we wait to hear about a determination. Dennis will be getting cost estimates to justify the contractor for the job. I spoke with Perry Fowler in regard to Cos Cob Avenue on Tuesday the 22nd . There are limbs in the way, and the trees grow up into the utility lines, so I've called Bangor Hydro to see what to do about that.

Appointments 6/30/07 – A separate list is attached showing who expires on June 30th . I'll endeavor to contact those who expire to see if they desire reappointment.

Warrant 23 – This should be a lot less than warrant 22 (no $300,000 school bill this time). So far nothing out of the ordinary.

Cash & Budget Report – On the revenue side excise tax and Municipal Revenue Sharing are now exceeding projections – that's a good thing. We will be low on CEO revenue, no question. Expenditures – roads are used up. All else seems OK.

Banking Services Agreement – Our agreement with The First expires on June 30 th . I've been pleased with the arrangement. Under the terms of the agreement we can renew as long as both sides are happy with the terms. It might be a good idea to meet with Scott Hammond at The First in June to talk about it. We can always go out to bid again, several banks have contacted me to ask about that.

I should stay somewhat neutral in this because of my wife's employment with the First. With that said, let me add that the last time we changed banks 3-years ago it was a lot of work on our end shifting accounts.

Next Meetings – Your regular meeting is set for June 14th . The special town meeting is June 19th , and the next regular meeting would be June 28th .

Personnel review – It's Kathy DeFusco's turn this time. Her self-evaluation is in your packet.

That's it for now – we'll see you on the 31st .