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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 14, 2007

Wow, this fiscal year is winding down quickly. It seems like we've been on the go constantly here at the town office with business and important meetings. Maybe July will slow down a bit. You've got a relatively normal agenda, and I'm in hopes this meeting won't have to last too long.

Jo has let me know that she is out of town on Thursday during the day and will not likely be back until after the start of the meeting. That means someone will have to act as the chair to open the meeting.

Minutes Written corrections as always are appreciated.

Salt-Sand Shed Jim Kiser and I sat down with the Planning Board this week and they determined they would proceed under the public building heading as opposed to the more difficult setback restrictions of the commercial/industrial structure. Jim should have a concept drawing for you at your meeting.

I've made the changes to the snow contract as discussed the last meeting and sent those to Nankervis Trucking. I await their reply.

Meeting with Harbor Masters I'm very pleased with the attention David Herrick is giving to the job. We've got most of the moorings renewed with a good deal of boat information. Several have been surrendered thanks to the ordinance change, freeing up space on the waiting list. David says he's willing to keep on serving as the Harbor Master. I've not had a chance to speak with Brian I presume he's been busy with school wrapping up, and I've e-mailed him to remind him of the meeting.

County Ambulance Contract Extension We've got the contract back from County Ambulance with the new language as requested. I believe what they added will serve your needs and covers their limitations.

Appointed Personnel Update I will have a complete update for you on who wishes to be reappointed to their positions at the meeting time.

Wireless Internet Infrastructure I received an e-mail from Bob Pentland of Wolf Run inquiring if there is any interest in the town in pursuing a setup similar to what Mt. Desert is doing. Thought it might be worth a conversation.

Town Meeting Preview I await materials from the school department on their portion of the town meeting. Our portion should be relatively easy to put together into a power point show salt/sand shed, the Vets Memorial and the Gott Right of Way. Speaking of the Gott R-O-W, Steve asked me whether this was to include the right to travel over the land that they paved at between the transfer station and the proposed salt/sand shed. Apparently this has never been a formal right-of-way agreement, but has been used as long as anyone can remember to access the pits behind these areas. I told him to write that up in the agreement so it can be on record. I was not aware that no formal right-of-way over this strip of land existed. Steve will e-mail the two sections that will be included, and I'll put those in the power point presentation.

Town Office Reconfiguration This hasn't been on the agenda since it was first approached simply because of time. How would you like to proceed on this? We don't have any money budgeted per se for the coming fiscal year, but I might suggest we seek a consultant of some sort and encumber some administration funds from the current fiscal year to do that possibly the flooring money. Let's discuss it.

Summer Meeting Schedule I'd really like to take some vacation time, probably the last week of July. For the past few years we have generally limited meetings to once in July and once in August with twice a month resuming in September. I think we'll be able to do that again this summer, but with a major project (salt/sand shed) under way, I'm not so sure that we can. Let's discuss that too.

Road Repairs I know Dennis spoke with Perry Fowler. Beyond that, I don't know any more.

Warrant 24 - This is a very expensive one the school bills alone are almost $280,000!. As you can see we had monster months for motor vehicles and fish & wildlife collections that we paid the state. Other than that, nothing unusual on here.

Cash & Budget We're doing even better than expected! I had a wrong formula in the Code Enforcement revenues area that basically had the fund transfer in twice, so instead of lagging far behind, we're a little bit ahead on CEO revenues. As mentioned last meeting we have exceeded budget on revenues. Expenses are a bit behind on the town hall side, a bit ahead on the school side. Bottom line we're in good shape.

Checking Account With the exception of a 50-cent deposit error, to which I've made the adjusting entry, everything balanced perfectly.

Liens We're filing tax liens tomorrow. A memo to that extent is in your packet.

Audit Letter The annual letter designating Jim Wadman as our auditor is awaiting signature. A copy is in your packet. They'll be here to do some prelim work the morning of your meeting. If anyone wants to chat with them on the 14th , I'm sure they would enjoy it.

Lamoine Quarterly If I get it started, a copy of what's done thus far will await you!.

Executive Session Allen & I will have our performance reviews at this meeting.

That's all I know of at this time.