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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of August 9, 2007

Hope everyone is having a great summer. The week off in July was wonderful played lots of golf, didn't work at all.

We've got a busy agenda and it looks like you might need to have a quick special meeting on August 23 rd to award the salt/sand shed bid. More on that later.

Minutes Please look over the minutes of July 12th and written corrections are most appreciated.

Salt/Sand Shed Permitting We have both the DEP and the Planning Board permits in hand. I don't know of any other permits that we need to proceed.

Bids-Award Two of the parties identified as potential bidders (Walker, Googins) declined to accept the bids as they are apparently too busy to take on the project. Five other packages went out on Tuesday. They're due back August 21 st to Jim Kiser. He should have the analysis done by the 23 rd and that's why I'm suggesting a special meeting to meet with him and award the bid.

Maine Municipal Association called asking if we with to have builders insurance coverage (basically covering damage, theft, etc. while the shed is being built). I asked Jim Kiser about this and he suggested it would be a good idea. I'll call them back and get a price.

School Consolidation Peter Farragher declined to serve as our community representative not enough time. I have some e-mail in regard to the selection, but no guidance to offer to the Board at this time.

There apparently was a meeting of the RSU planning group that Cynthia attended and she can probably fill us in on that. I did e-mail Jim Boothby asking that the town office receive some sort of public notice of these meetings. I didn't know anything about it until reading last week's American and it took place in Lamoine!

Citizen ID Outpost Request There is a letter from DHHS in your packet asking if our town office wants to help them with a project to provide positive identification. I'm not quite sure I really understand the program or what incentive they might be offering.

Cell Phone Tower We have a proposed lease and I've copied it for your file. They're looking for comment on the lease. I'd like Chris especially to read this over. The price ($12,000/year) seems to be on the high end of what I've seen around the state, so that's a plus.

If you're comfortable with the idea, and I've heard overwhelming public support for a cell tower in Lamoine, we should plan to have a special town meeting to grant the Selectmen the authority to enter into the lease.

Closed Mud Flats Dick has a lot of thoughts on closed areas around Lamoine and who should be finding out why they are closed. I've put e-mail from him and a map of the closures in your packets.

Haslam Septic Contract Bob Merchant was fine with renewing for another 3-years and we should have a signed copy from him by the meeting. I talked to him earlier this week.

Town Cell Phones Our really inexpensive cell phone plan from Cingular will cease to exist soon as the technology is going away. I've called Cingular to see what kind of plan they'll offer, and will contact Verizon (Brown's Communications) to see what they could do for us. US Cellular is the only other dealer I'm familiar with in this area and I'll contact them as well. Basically, we're getting 3-cell phones (mine, transfer station, fire truck) from Cingular for about $10/each plus the per minute charge for each call. I have reimbursed the town through withholding from my check for any personal calls on the town phone that I carry.

The new deal from Cingular would be $39.95/month for the first phone and $9.95 for the other phones ($60/month total), but I can't imagine we'd ever come close to exceeding the minutes on those phones.

Road Name(s) - The road that will serve Griff & Nat Fenton is proposed to be called Tamarack Lane . The Planning Board approved two subdivisions this week with roads. I'll attempt to contact the developers (one is Brett!) to see what they'd like for a name and we can probably name them at the same time.

We received a letter from Peter Roy about Rusty's Lane. The letter and my response are in your packet.

Tax Collectors' Settlements We have two years that are now paid in full. There is only one year with one personal property tax bill that has not been paid (2003/04 the property owner is in bankruptcy). I would recommend signing them.

Employment Agreement Michael Jordan I e-mailed this to Mike and to you folks before I went on vacation. I've had no comments back to date.

Snow Plowing Contract I spoke with Wanda Jordan earlier this week and expect to have the signed contract soon. They had no problem with the language changes.

MDOT Transit Bonus I've put this in your packet, but the only thing I think we could possibly qualify for any funding would be the Community Connections and WHCA donations ($1,200 total). Perhaps Jo could run this by her husband for input.

Budget Committee Structure This is on the agenda because of the discussion last meeting. I'll e-mail Jo's memo on this to the budget committee and let them know it's being discussed.

NIMS Compliance I've not been very good about becoming NIMS certified just haven't found the time at home at night and it's impossible to do during the day here. There is a workshop coming up that I've signed up for in Brewer. I've put the memo about that in your packet.

Warrants 2 & 3 Everyone signed warrant 2, but I'll put a copy in your packet in case you had any questions. I moved $100,000 to cover that (the paving bill). I'll have to move another $60,000 or so for warrant 3 because of the school warrant.

On warrant 3 is the fire truck payment which is due the day of your meeting. I plan to cut a check and deliver it to Union Trust that day unless I hear otherwise to avoid any penalties.

Cash & Budget Reports They're included in your packet. Our FY 2007 expenditure budget was less than 1% under expended in total (including schools).

Excise Tax Report This is in your packet (I think I may have given this to you last meeting as well). Excise rebounded well and continues strong in July.

Checking Account Reconciliation It's in your packet, it balances (after finding I underpaid Pine Tree Waste by 10-cents!).

Credit Cards There is a program for credit card acceptance. We pretty much daily get requests to take credit or debit cards. The two hesitations on this are the cost a bank would charge us to do that, and the philosophical considerations of accepting credit card for tax payments. Do you wish to explore this?

Employee Assistance Program Offer There is a letter from Maine Municipal Association offering this program. I put this to you but do not see any need for it at this time.

Meeting Schedule I've put suggested dates on the agenda, basically with two meetings per month from September through December. There is a 3 rd Thursday in November following Thanksgiving that I've not included on the schedule. I did not include the potential August 23 rd date as a regular meeting on this schedule.

That's all for now. We'll see you on Thursday.