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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of October 25, 2007

Gosh it has been busy at the town office, and not just with property tax collection. For some reason you have an awful lot on your agenda for the upcoming meeting. It's my hope that nothing urgent comes in between now and the meeting so there will not be any addendum. It sometimes seems like we're juggling in this office and living in great fear that one of the balls will fall.

Minutes – Please do the usual wonderful review and written corrections.

Meeting with Bradford/DeLuca – As instructed at the last meeting we have sent a letter to Mr. Bradford and Ms. Deluca inviting them to meet with the Selectmen in regard to the condition placed on their building permit by the Planning Board in 1995 and the possible violation of such. As of this writing, I have not heard from them in regard to whether they can attend the meeting.

Junkyard Renewals – Barry Norris has submitted his renewal applications. The Building and Land Use Ordinance states that no junkyard can be established or operated without obtaining site plan approval from the Planning Board . Mr. Norris has owned and operated and had these junkyards permitted for many years, long before the amendment to the Building and Land Use Ordinance was approved and before the Site Plan Review Ordinance. I've put the applications in your packet and posted the notices for the hearing, though I did not get them to the newspaper in time for the October 18 th edition, as the application was not received until late last Friday. It will be in the October 25 th edition.

Cell Tower Lease – As I have communicated via e-mail between Verizon Wireless (VZW) and you, and you have communicated to me, the early termination ability on our end as proposed last meeting has been removed. I have communicated this to VZW after consulting either by phone or e-mail with everyone except Cynthia, whom I was unable to reach. I'm in hopes we can move forward with this, and await word from VZW.

Resignation – Mary Henry has e-mailed her resignation from the Parks Commission. We have two people who have come forward willing to serve, as well as a present alternate who is willing to move to full membership. There may be more by meeting time. I'm in hopes Kerry Galeaz can be in attendance to advise.

Appointments – As mentioned above, Richard Brey and Nathan Mason have both written to express their interest in serving on the Parks Commission. Shannon Sasso, a present alternate, has expressed interest in moving to full voting status. There are two full and one alternate positions open.

On the Conservation Commission, interest has been relatively limited. Bob Pulver, a current alternate, expressed interest in becoming a full member. Lolly (Laurence) Lovett, expressed interest in being an associate.

Dangerous Building – Dennis & I have prepared a report on the dangerous building on Berry Cove Road . I will do up a formal declaration that we can then send to the owners. The report is in your packet. Dennis is out of town next week.

Road Work Update – Perry Fowler is making pretty good progress on the roads. Mill Road has turned out nicely. Cos Cob Avenue is done (the paving bill is on the warrant). Not sure where the rest stand. He's got a few more days to finish up.

Salt/Sand Shed Update – The shingles were on site when I went by today, the roof is on. Work is progressing well. The paving bill is on the warrant. Jim Kiser (who also has a bill in the warrant) advises to pay 90% of that. I've got a spreadsheet that I'll put in the packet as well tracking the expenses thus far.

Bloomfield Park Easement – Stu Branch met with me earlier this week and he's fine with the proposed road as laid out by Herrick & Salsbury. He said there will need to be an easement from the Madrells for the small section that passes through their property. He suggested a walking path easement from the Madrells and himself be drawn into a separate easement.

Gott Right of Way – Still no word from Tim Gott.

Pandemic Flu Preparation – The MDI Hospital has started marketing home emergency kits in the event of a flu outbreak. They left one here during the League of Towns meeting on Tuesday. Remind me to pull it out during the meeting. They're considering selling these at town offices (@$45/each). The league helped to fund the bags.

School Consolidation – I have a call into Tony Beardsley as a place to start on the land preservation matter. There was a meeting last night (10/17) which I presume Cynthia will have something to report on. I'll have a separate memo in the packet in regard to our meeting today at the Superintendent's Office.

Gravel for School Playground – An e-mail note from Brett is in your packet.

Town Hall Reconfiguration – You asked last meeting to study the contract proposal from Tyra Hanson and you would consider signing it this meeting. If you've re-filed your copy, I'll have a fresh copy in your packets.

Warrant 9 – So far only $32,441.81 as of this writing. The school payroll will be in Tuesday to add another $35,000 or so. We will have at least $250,000 to move to the investment account. The biggest bill on here is the paving for the salt/sand shed as mentioned previously. Nothing else terribly unusual. I took Kathy & Jennifer out to lunch after our motor vehicles class the other day, thus the Angelo's bill. The Hannaford bill was for refreshments as it was our turn to host the MDI League of Towns.

Cash & Budget Report – State revenue sharing is lagging, other than that, no red flags on the cash & budget report that I am aware of. Tax receipts are coming in steadily.

Communications – Robert Sharkey – The letter, possible response, and message to the town attorney are in your packet.

Neil Salisbury – Mr. Salisbury has filed a document at the Hancock County Registry of Deeds. I've put a copy in your packet, but to be honest with you, I have no clue as to what the document means or for what purpose it was filed.

Budget Committee – The Committee has suggested a few by-laws amendments. I believe the Selectmen in 1992 approved the original set of by-laws. The amendments clarify to reality what takes place with the committee.

The rest of our meeting should be a budget workshop so that the first part of the budget (administration, solid waste, CEO, Planning) can be presented at their meeting on October 30th .

Remember your November 8th meeting will be at the Lamoine School following the Get Wet Program presentation.

That's it for now….lots of reading for you.