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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 8, 2007

Whew! It's been a very busy week in the town office. Tax collections kept us right out straight Monday through Wednesday, absentee balloting has been quite heavy, and meetings galore to set up. You've got a full agenda, shouldn't be any surprises on here.

Minutes – The DVD ran out after 3 ½ hours, and I could only rely on my written notes for the final part of the meeting. Please make sure it's accurate in your usual manner!

Junkyard Renewals – I did ask Dennis for the inspections – I have yet to receive them. In reading the state statute closer, I note that no public hearing is required after the initial license, but that an annual renewal appears to be required. Additionally, the junkyard licenses expire October 1 st instead of the 31 st . I'll adjust the licenses accordingly.

Meeting with Clifton Bradford & Margaret DeLuca – This was postponed from last meeting. Ms. DeLuca says they'll be here for this meeting. I'll send them an agenda.

Appointments and Resignations – Kerry Galeaz should be here for the Parks Commission. We've received a resignation from Donna Thorburn as an associate on the Conservation Commission. Lolly Lovett indicated interest in serving as an associate. Bob Pulver is the only one interested in the full position, moving up from alternate status. There has been no interest in the position Bob would vacate when he's bumped up.

Bloomfield Park Road Easement(s) – In meeting with Stu Branch earlier this week, he asked that we draw up an easement document and he will obtain signatures from both his family and the Madrells. The ball is in our court to draw this up with the description provided by Steve Salsbury.

Portable Classroom Maintenance Fund Use – The school officially owns the portable classrooms, but there is still money in the fund we established for maintenance. Val asked if he could utilize some of that money to fix skirting before cold weather gets under way in earnest. It's up to you, but the money was set aside for that when the town owned the two buildings.

Neil Salisbury Communications – As e-mailed earlier this week, Mr. Salisbury sent a certified letter addressed to the chair. I've sent that to Tony and called this (Friday) morning to see what, if any, response is required. No word as of this writing.

Freedom of Access Request – Jo responded to Mr. Sharkey's request for information offering up what is requested and allowable under law. A copy of the letter is in your packets. There has been no response as of this writing from Mr. Sharkey. I would presume that payment for the copies requested would be forthcoming.

School Consolidation – My task today is to gather what deeds I have for the land on the school lot and put those in your packet. There have been more RPC meetings, and I'm sure Cynthia will have an update. Petitions are now in wide circulation for repeal of the consolidation law.

Cell Tower Lease – Verizon Wireless has drawn up its plan. This is not a planning board submission. I will put a copy in their materials which I hope to get out in the mail early next week. Brett suggested that the landfill cap be put on the plans, and I have communicated that to VZW.

Salt/Sand Shed – It's pretty much done. All the siding is on, the power should be hooked up by today. The only thing that was missing was the blowers for each gable end, and Union River Builders said they should be in place next week. I've asked Jim Kiser for a final inspection. Perry Fowler dropped off the keys this week; I had several copies made, and gave one to Teddy Nankervis. They hope to start filling it soon.

I asked Jo, and it would be nice to discuss at the Board level, whether you'd like to have a formal “grand opening” event with the builders, press release, pictures etc.

Road Work Update – I believe Dennis will be here to deliver one. The Fowlers have done a lot of work on the roads, and the list should be pretty much done.

CEO Update – Again, I presume Dennis will be at the meeting.

Warrant 10 – It doesn't look that big now, but this will be the biggest one you sign this year because you'll be moving lots of money from checking to investments. There will be a $71,000 bill from Union River Builders for the Salt/sand shed. The first part of our payment to Jim Wadman for the audit is on here – he's billing in installments now apparently. There will be a school payroll and operations warrant as well. I'm in hopes that we can move at least $500,000 to investments.

Cash & Budget Report – The animal control budget is shot thanks to training and rabies. The income from dog licenses will not cover expenditures this year and those expenses will likely deplete the animal control fund. Not much we can do about it, but I wanted you to know. This shows up in the Public Safety Budget. Consult your budget printout for details.

Checking Account – Despite being really busy these past 2-weeks, the checking account balanced very easily this month. The reconciliation is in your packets.

Prepaid Oil Contract – I asked No Frills Oil about our supposed “lock-in” price at $2.689 which I thought was clear when I last spoke to them. They were under the impression that we wanted to continue with the Union 92 price of rack plus $.04. I asked to lock in and they've sent a contract for signature. I'll need your authorization to sign the contract. Rack isn't going to be a very good deal this year I don't think.

Town Report – I've been working on this a little bit, and have a proposed cover for you (in your packet – it'd be really pretty in color!)

Is there any change in format you would like? Anything more to include, take out, swap around, rewrite?

Budget Workshop – The Budget Committee minutes are in your packet, along with the latest printout which includes figures generated by the fire department. The packet submitted to the Budget Committee last Tuesday was given to the Selectmen in attendance. That packet is in this packet for the two who did not. The Budget Committee has suggested a slight modification to the CPI calculation to use an average CPI comparison from July to June instead of the month only. I'll have that analysis in a separate memo.

The road budget and cable TV budget are next on the agenda for the Budget Committee. Dennis & I will work up a road budget next week. You should have that on Thursday night.

I suspect you'll also want to discuss more the compensation issues that came up last meeting and were discussed extensively at the Budget Committee meeting.

That's it for now….we'll see you Thursday. (Don't forget to vote Tuesday!)