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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meetings of November 26 & 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving in advance. If all goes well, you'll be getting this Tuesday afternoon before Turkey Day.

Things have quieted down somewhat at the town office, which is now getting its new roof. That hasn't been quiet, but we can live with a few days of nail pounding!

Joint Meeting- Don't forget the joint meeting with the Budget Committee on the 26th to hear the audit. Jim Wadman will be here at 7PM to give the oral report and to take and answer any questions you might have. I'm pleased there has been some interest in our audit

Regular Meeting – Your regular meeting is set for the 29th . It will have been 3-weeks since you've met, and while there is a lot on the agenda, much of it should be quick and easy.

Minutes – Please give them the usual good review

Dangerous Building Hearing – I'll put the notice and the report from Dennis in your packets. The owners of the building have received the notice. I'll also prepare an order in the event the Board finds the building dangerous and orders its removal. I've not had any communication other than the receipt signature from Brian Young on this property.

Planning Board Complaint – Bradford 's Auto – There is a very large, separate report that will be in your packets.

Audit – If you have any questions in regard to the audit that didn't get answered Monday, bring them. There is a management representation letter (copy in your packet) to sign and send back to Jim Wadman.

School Consolidation – You talked about a site visit to the lot, but did not schedule it. Thanks to Dick for printing off the deeds on line. I'll compile all of them together again along with the tax map of the property. I know there are meetings going on about consolidation, and Cynthia will have lots to report. There is a 12/1/07 deadline for some plan of some sort.

Building Renovation – The Building committee met last night (the 19th) and they, and the school committee will be in to meet with you to suggest that January 22, 2008 be the referendum date.

Cemetery Funds – There is a response to my inquiry to MMA about transferring cemetery funds from the town to a cemetery association. Not as easy as it sounds. My recommendation – let the Forest Hill Cemetery Association have a copy of the communication from MMA and let them decide if they wish to pursue the probate matters that would allow this to happen.

MRC Representative – The ballot for the representative is in your packet.

Commendations – We've got some super athletes in town who ought to get some recognition. I feel a little funny about including my own daughter in the list, but she's right up there with the others. Our soccer team was undefeated and unscored upon this year!

Mutual Aid Agreement – The MDI League of Towns has been working on drafting an agreement that can be put in place in case one or more towns is hit hard by a disaster such as the pandemic flu and town government is unable to function. Basically, this would allow another town to carry out our municipal government functions upon request, or for us to help with another town's functions. It's been in the works for many months and is ready to move forward. Look it over, bring your comments.

Notice from Time Warner Cable – Cable TV fees are going up – bad news for subscribers, good news for the town which gets 3% of the cable fees.

Regional Assessing – Speaking of the MDI League of Towns, there was an inquiry into whether doing property assessments might be more economic on a regional basis – i.e. towns sharing a common assessors or assessing contractor. I've put a memo to see if our Board of Assessors is interested. I'm not sure that it would be any more cost effective than what we're doing, but there might be a lot better mapping and info available.

Hazard Mitigation Grant – MEMA – The deadline has been extended. I would suggest adding that 2nd culvert under Needles Eye Road might be a worthy project.

Warrants 11 & 12 – As of this writing I've not yet received the school payroll (it's expected today). Nothing unusual on the warrant. My mileage includes a couple of trips to Augusta (MMA Convention) and a trip to Belfast for NIMS training. I'll close out warrant 11 after the school payroll and print that for the meeting for separate signature and start warrant 12 which should be very small for signature on the 29th .

Cash & Budget Report – We look to be in good shape overall. I'm concerned that we will not make projections on Municipal Revenue Sharing as I hear today the state is downgrading its revenue forecast by $95-million dollars.

Next Meetings – The only formal meeting set for December is the 13th . I'll have a warrant done for the 20th that will need signature so checks can be cut. January, at this point, would have 3-meetings, the 3rd , 17th and 31st . Let me know if you wish to change that. I'm on vacation the week of Christmas.

Budget Workshop – The latest budget material going to the Budget Committee is in your packet. The only thing that you've not really resolved is the process of employee compensation increases. I've not changed anything from the 2.25% initial instructions from the Board until you come up with something different.

That's it from my perspective…..Have a great Thanksgiving!