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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 10, 2008

Oh the joy of winter! With nearly 2-feet of snow in the past 3-days, I perceive folks are getting a little weary of shoveling, plowing, and the like. On the plus side, snowmobile registration activity was brisk this week.

Your meeting for the 10th has a relatively short agenda, but some matters could take a while.

Minutes It's been about a month since you met. Please review the minutes to make sure they're OK.

Warrant 14 At this point no transfer from investments is needed, however we're likely to get a big school warrant next Monday. A couple of insurance bills (property/casualty, workers comp) are due and on the warrant. Other than that, nothing unusual.

Warrant 13 In case you had any questions about the warrant you signed on the 20 th , this would be a good chance to ask. I've put a copy in your packet.

Cash & Budget Report Nothing is raising any red flags with me at this time, except we're still lagging behind on municipal revenue sharing from the state!

Checking Account Reconciliation I did this on New Year's Day (it was quiet in the office!), and it came out right the first try!

Excise Tax Collection Report The Report is in your packet. Our calendar year excise tax collections were up about 1.71%, not shocking given the economy.

Lease with Verizon Wireless I've copied the final copy of the lease with VZW for your packets. Please review I'm not sure if I can answer any questions you might have.

Town Hall Reconfiguration What's in your packets is what Tyra Hanson supplied the day of the last budget committee meeting. I think she plans to meet with you on the 10 th . I'll double check on that.

Bradford Auto Consent You've been good about communicating back to me on this and I'll print off the e-mail. The matter still needs discussion, A copy of the agenda will be sent to Margaret DeLuca, but I don't believe there is a consensus on the board on how to proceed with a consent agreement other than what the vote was last meeting. The Planning Board and CEO have been invited to attend the meeting as well.

Planning Board See above for the Bradford Auto discussion. The Board is also planning to ask the Selectmen to seek a grant for a Comprehensive Plan update. A letter has been drafted, but the final letter awaits Planning Board approval next Tuesday. I've put the draft in your packet.

Adopt A Road Proposal This was dropped off today (1/2/08) by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt. Copies are in your packet.

Town Meeting Warrant 2008 The latest draft is in your packet.

Town Report 2007 Do you wish to seek estimates for printing costs again? We've had The Copy Center in Augusta print these for the past several years they're consistently about $1,000 lower than any local printer.

Budget 2008/09 The minutes from the past Budget Committee meeting and the budget updated with those figures is included.

Executive Session A memo regarding this was distributed a couple of meetings ago and the party to whom this refers plans to attend.

Next Meetings The dates are as you agreed a few meetings ago.

We'll see you on the 10th .