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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 24, 2008

It's been a busy January, though transactions in the office have fallen off a bit. Scheduling meetings has been taking a fair amount of time. This meeting should not take a long time (depending on how much discussion there might be).

Minutes Please look them over they are lengthy. Written edits are best and most appreciated!

Warrant 15 As directed at the last meeting, I sent out a check for the Veterans' Memorial for $5,000 immediately. I will be filing lien discharges for those liens that are paid prior to foreclosure (Saturday the 19 th ). As of this writing, there are still 3 liens from 2005/06 that have not paid. I'll be contacting mortgage holders. The fire department got some pizza last night as members were tied up over suppertime at a structure fire in Hancock. School payroll is $30,587.40, most of the $55,962.47.

Cash & Budget Report Revenues are a little behind where they ought to be on a straight line basis for the fiscal year. Expenditures are ahead of where they ought to be as school expenses catch up to the budget. In those areas that tend to follow time (Solid Waste, Administration, CEO), things seem to be in pretty good condition.

Consent Agreement Bradford I'll send an agenda to Peggy DeLuca and put the offer you made to them in your packet. If they're agreeable to it, this should wrap it up. If they're not, it's your call as to whether you negotiate something different or ask the Code Enforcement Officer to proceed with a notice of violation.

Veterans Memorial Committee Jo asked that this be on the agenda at the last meeting.

Town Office Reconfiguration I'm expecting the updated plan/estimate for your next meeting. There will be an additional charge from the designer as this required extra work not contracted for in the original agreement.

Budget 2008/09 The latest budget printout is in your packet. The Budget Committee will meet on February 11th. Cynthia was the only party involved who was unable to attend on that date. The 2/4/08 date is being used by the Appeals Board.

Town Meeting Matters Don't forget to vote on the 29th ! The latest version of the proposed warrant for April 1 & 2 will be in your packet.

Town Report 2007 I've been plugging away at the report, and what's drafted up (including your report) is in your packet. Please make any edits you feel you want (written again is best).

School Consolidation I presume Cynthia will have an update.

Next Meetings Regular Thursday meetings are planned.

I don't know of anything for executive session at this point. We'll see you on Thursday.