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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 21, 2008

It's kind of quiet here in the town office as the sleet and freezing rain coats the earlier snowfall. This has been a good winter for getting paperwork done as few people venture into the office on days like this. I did give Jennifer the option of coming in or staying home, and she opted to stay home (don't blame her).

Your agenda is relatively brief – wrapping up preparation for the annual town meeting.

Minutes of February 7th – They're short (the meeting was short). Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 17 – Nothing at all unusual at this point. I will be scheduling a $500 payment to Wieninger Monuments.

Cash & Budget Report – Expenditures are looking OK – this is a good year to have a set price contract on road plowing! Revenues are a little low, I'm in hopes excise tax will pick up. Nothing else concerns me on the revenue side. I've put an e-mail in your packets sent to the town managers group from Jim Bennett in Lewiston which gives some forecasting for what we can expect from the state and its budget shortfall.

Town Meeting Warrant – The Budget Committee has made its final recommendations, though I neglected to bring up they needed a re-vote on the paving cost estimate which jumped from $95,000 to $114,000. They did some municipal budget trimming (minutes from last meeting are included), and the proposed municipal tax rate is roughly one-third of a mill.

I added a couple of articles since your last meeting. One was to move the leftover funds from the salt/sand shed project back into Capital Projects Fund. This was at the recommendation of the Budget Committee. The other was to authorize the Selectmen to delineate the land where the school and fire department sit. We had discussed this idea, but I had not crafted an article for the warrant.

I'm thinking the warrant should be ready to sign. If you see any errors, please let me know before the meeting so they can be corrected and a clean copy ready to sign.

Building Use Policy – We had a very bad and dangerous situation at the town hall when the Democratic Caucus took place. The building was badly overcrowded, and if there had been a problem, escape would have been difficult. Additionally, the meeting participants didn't clean up after themselves very well, even after moving the meeting to the school to accommodate the crowd.

I have drafted a building use policy based on a model from the Town of Gray . My purpose for placing this on the agenda is to discuss whether we should have a policy, and if so, what should be in it.

Town Report – If all remains quiet today, I'll have the town report done with the exception of the art-work from the school.

MDOT Road Projects List – I've drafted up a list to submit to the Hancock County Regional Planning Commission. Please look it over, see if you concur, and if you don't what should be added, deleted or changed.

Bangor Hydro – Posted Roads – Bangor Hydro has made its annual request to allow overweight trucks on posted roads to fix power outages. This request has been granted in the past.

Veterans Memorial – Jo had asked that a Memorial Day issue be placed on the agenda last meeting, but you didn't discuss that. It's on the agenda for this meeting instead.

School Consolidation - There has been some major action by the Legislature on school unions, and material on that is in your packet.

Criminal Trespass Case – Communications from Mr. Salisbury and Tony Beardsley are in your packet. His trial is scheduled in March, and both Jennifer and I have been served subpoenas as witnesses.

Meeting Schedule – The schedule on the agenda assumes meetings every other week. If we could set the meeting times for March through June, that would be very helpful to me.

I hope to have a couple of congratulations certificates for you to sign – the Boy's Basketball team won the Union 92 Championship last week, and the Cheerleaders won the championship last (Tuesday) night. Bill Butler and I were able to record the cheering championship for the Cable TV station and it's airing today (Wednesday) as I write this.

See you Thursday……stu