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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 6, 2008

Greetings! Another winter storm has dumped some heavy, wet snow in town. The roads were a little slushy this morning – we had one car accident on Route 184 last night (Tuesday the 26 th ) to respond to.

A reminder that Cynthia is unable to attend this meeting. I believe Jo was out of town this week as well but will be here for the meeting.

The agenda isn't too bad, but has grown a bit from my first draft.

Minutes – Please write the edits as unusual.

Treasurer's Report – Warrant 18 will likely have a large school bill on there, as the school committee meets on Monday before your meeting. The school payroll is included, and I expect we'll have a plowing bill for February. I'll likely have to transfer some money from the investment account to cover the school warrant.

Cash & Budget – I expect to keep falling further behind on excise tax until April when vehicle registration activity tends to pick up. Other than that, no particular concerns about the budget.

School Budget Date(s) – Faith Perkins will be in to discuss the potential town meeting dates for the school budget process.

Communication from Robert Sharkey re: Secret Ballot Ordinance petition – Mr. Sharkey has apparently written to you individually on this matter. I've compiled the minutes of the meetings that you discussed this, the MMA memo on this, and the ordinance that was proposed for your packets.

Plow Truck Exposure – A very brief memo is in your packet on this matter. No action is required.

Building Use Policy – I hope you've had a chance to look over the rough initial proposal. We should have a chance to discuss this and whether we want some kind of policy and to draft up something for approval in the not too distant future.

Time Warner Franchise Fee – The check from Time Warner was significantly less than last year. I've e-mailed Shelley Winchenbach, she's checking on it. The correspondence is in your packet.

Government Mutual Aid Agreement – The League of Towns sent this for legal review. Some changes have been made, but the biggest thing is that we'll need town meeting approval to enter into the agreement. I suggest that this be placed on the same warrant as the school budget.

Veterans Memorial Committee – I'm presuming Jo will have something. We have enough money to make the final installment on the 2nd payment that is now due. I'll be scheduling that on the warrant next week.

School Consolidation – I'm presuming the Legislature will do something.

Next Meeting Schedule – I've put the next 3 ½ months of meetings out for your review. Not sure if you need to have any changes.

That's all for now…see you Thursday.