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Adminstrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 20, 2008

According to the calendar, you'll be meeting on the first day of Spring. May the weather reflect the season! Jo and Dick indicated they would not be present for this meeting, which is part of the reason for the short agenda. A packet will be delivered to all including candidate Sharkey.

Minutes –The discussion of the request to reconsider the petition for the Secret Ballot Ordinance is pretty detailed. Please review and make written corrections and get them to me.

Warrant 19 – So far it's not too large – school payroll is the largest. The Pizza Hut expenditure is for lunch for the fire chief and me – we went to Augusta to pick up the town reports and some foam and stopped for lunch to eat in Belfast . It was nice to have the company. The bill for the town reports is on the warrant as well. Nothing else too unusual.

Cash & Budget Report – The expenditure side of the budget with the exception of public safety looks strong. I've consulted with the fire chief about where that budget stands and we should be able to squeak through the rest of the year. The revenue side of the budget is still showing a drop in excise collections, but those should pick up soon. CEO revenue is under projection as well, but this is the slow time of year. If the economy picks up that area should as well.

Checking Account Reconciliation – More copies are in your packet.

Jina's Gym - Stu Branch wanted to give you a brief update on what's happening with that effort. I think I mentioned last meeting that a formal organization is being set up to protect the funds that have been raised thus far.

AFG Program – The first draft of the narrative for the Assistance to Firefighting Grant program is done and I'll will run this by the fire department but want your input as well. The $90,000 figure is made up – I hope to have a more firm figure by the time we submit it.

Secret Ballot Ordinance Petition – We received a response from MMA Legal which was e-mailed yesterday (the 11 th ) to you. The vote at the last meeting was to table this until all five Selectmen are present. The only purpose in putting this on the agenda was in case any of the board wished to gather more information prior to taking this off the table.

Veterans Memorial Update – Since Jo is not likely to be available, there may be nothing to discuss. Perhaps we can get a written report.

School Consolidation – The union plan has apparently died on the floor of the Legislature, and just where things stand appears to be ambiguous. Maybe Cynthia will have something new.

Lamoine Quarterly – The publication has been started – page 1 is done. Do we want to get this out in advance of the April 1 st town meeting? If so, I'll need to scramble to put it together and get reviewed for printing.

Town Meeting Preview – A power point presentation on each article will be prepared as usual. Candidate's night is planned by the PATRONS on March 25 th . I've agreed to moderate that.

Meeting Schedule – The meetings through August are laid out.

Nothing for executive session that I know of at this point.

See you on Thursday.