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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 17, 2008

Spring has Sprung! Your meeting is the same evening as Lamoine's 1 st home baseball game of the season, but I should be done umping that no later than 6:15, and at the meeting on time. I might be dressed funny, though. Seriously, my schedule between now and June is pretty hectic, and I'll put calendars in your packets and give them to Jenn & Kathy as to where I'm supposed to be during baseball season.

Your meeting could be quite lengthy as there are some meaty items on the agenda.

Minutes – As always, the written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 21 – This is a school operations warrant one, so it's already quite high and will require transfer of about $130,000 from the investment management account. There will be an item on here to pay MRRA for the composting bins. This is just a flow-thru for the checks the Conservation Commission has received for the bins. Same with the Healthy Acadia payment – we sold an emergency kit this week!. Nothing else unusual in the bill list as of this writing.

Cash & Budget Report – I've changed the format of the Veterans Memorial project to reflect the $12,000 loan availability approved at town meeting. Overall the budget is looking pretty good.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It balanced, 1st try!

2008/09 Budget – I've plugged all the latest figures into the budget to see what we're looking at for a bottom line property tax increase. At this point we're looking at a projected 36% property tax rate increase. The one variable will be the amount of town valuation the assessors pick up. We won't know that until mid-August.

Salt/Sand Shed Completion – Perry Fowler would like to meet with you to go over what's left to do at the shed project. Nankervis self-built a raised “dock” area in front of the shed, and this may be the matter he wishes to talk about.

Sweeping Bids – We have at least one bid to open.

Needles Eye Road Dump – I've prepared a separate memo on this matter and it will be in your packet.

Veterans Memorial Committee Update – I think there may be some sort of update from Jo and/or Kathy DeFusco on where things stand with the project.

Secret Ballot Ordinance Request – I believe the entire board will be present, and the last time you discussed this, it was tabled until all could be present. I'll print a copy of Mr. Sharkey's letter and the proposed ordinance and place it in your packet.

Right of Way – Doug Gott & sons Inc - Brett requested this be on the agenda again, so it is.

Town Hall Renovation – With funding approval for FY 08/09, how do you wish to proceed? Among the questions are how do we put together a bid package and final design product, time table to put out to bid, award bid, and complete project and the like?

Bloomfield Park Access Road – We have two things to accomplish on this matter – execution of the easement from the Branch family which Chris said he would draw up, then the actual construction process. Kerry Galeaz would like to discuss this with you in the near future.

Anderson Garage Repair – Brett has a good idea of what needs to be done – again, the question to answer is what process to you wish to follow to do it. Funding begins 7/1/08

Paving – I put this on the agenda at the request of Tim Ring. He was interested in doing Lamoine's paving but not submitted a bid through Roger Picard's bid request. You've already signed and paid for Mr. Picard's services.

Special Town Meeting 5/21/08 Update – I've asked fellow town managers for ideas on wording the school lot delineation question. The only useful reply thus far was a lengthy agreement between the City of Saco and its school department on lot/building uses. Several other towns said they were interested in the same question.

Personnel Contract/Reviews process & schedule – Do you wish to follow the same process to do performance reviews as the previous year? I think that went fairly well, meeting with each employee and filling out the eval sheet. I'll put a copy of that sheet in your packet in case you want to do any changes.

Appointment List – There is a list of positions that expire on June 30, 2008 in your packet. Please review and comment for the meeting.

Spring Road Work List/Planning – Dennis isn't back from Hawaii until the meeting. We should start planning the road work that needs doing this spring and summer. I don't see much serious damage – a couple of driveway culverts need replacement.

Next Meetings – You are scheduled through August.

We'll see you on Thursday after the ballgame!