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Adminstrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 1, 2008

Happy Spring! In addition to the nice weather, business has started to pick up at the town office too. This week has been especially busy and Kathy DeFusco is to be commended for filling in while Jennifer took some time to visit her family in Connecticut and I accompanied my daughter who had her wisdom teeth out on Wednesday afternoon.

A fairly busy agenda for Thursday, so prepare for a long-ish meeting.

Minutes – Written corrections are most appreciated

Warrant 22 – Nothing terribly unusual on the warrant and barring receipt of any large bills we should not need to move anything from the investments account to cover the checks. The payment for ½ of the paving for 2008 is on here as per the contract with Roger Picard. More on that later.

Cash & Budget Reports – The major road project overage jumped a bit because of the Picard bill – the road fund should be able absorb that from the maintenance portion. We're running close on public safety due to animal control expenditures. A fair amount of revenue is coming in from late dog licenses. The fund currently is in a negative balance because of greater than expected expenditures with the rabies thing. Otherwise, we're looking OK on both expense and revenues for the fiscal year.

Capital Improvement Fund Report – I've written a separate memo on where things stand.

Special Town Meetings – The two warrants and an inquiry to MMA in regard to voter registration are in your packet. As requested, I e-mailed the proposed warrants ahead of time.

Allen Sternfield Retirement – After nearly 15-years on the job at the transfer station, Allen says he would like to retire after his current contract expires at the end of June. He's the only person we've ever had in that position other than the occasional fill in. This means we should probably start advertising right away for someone to take over the job. The good news is that Allen says he's willing to fill in when someone needs a vacation, in an emergency, etc. Let's talk about how to find someone.

Meeting with Perry Fowler – Perry apparently forgot about the last meeting and said he'd be there this meeting.

Letter to Gott re: Right of Way – The letter to Mr. Gott would be better coming from the Board. I've drafted it; if you see anything that should be revised we can change it quickly and have it ready for signature.

Meet with Parks Commission – The Parks Commission and the Branches have been invited to the meeting. I've heard back from Kerry Galeaz that he will be here. We have a couple of things to accomplish – finalize the easement language from the Branches to the town and have the Parks Commission design the bid package for the road and come up with a timeline to put that out to bid.

Needles Eye Road Dumping – I wrote to the landowner who was affected, she was not aware of what was taking place. She has been in contact with the Maine Forest Service, and I've spoken with Ranger Rick Henion about what I know about the situation and he will deal with it.

Guaranteed Annual Tonnage (GAT) – Each year the PERC plant asks if we want to change the amount of trash we guarantee we'll send to them. The present GAT for Lamoine is 610 tons. We sent 609.02 tons to PERC in 2007. That's pretty darn close, and I wouldn't recommend that you change it at this point.

Elected Officials Workshop – I've put the flyer in your packet. If you want to go, please let me know and I'll be glad to sign you up for the one of your choice.

Road Project List – I'll be sure to ask Dennis to update a list for next week. Under this topic is road paving. The bid came in from Roger Picard's contract, and it was $78.05/ton, which is about what we had budgeted. Under this contract (with ½ the payment to Mr. Picard due this fiscal year), we should come in about $600 under budget for FY09. Tim Ring dropped off a “bid” this week for $74 something a ton, which in the long run saves about $10,000. We have a contract with Picard, Mr. Ring says he didn't want to bid for all of Hancock and Washington Counties under the Picard arrangement, but would like the work for this year. I've put his bid along with the Picard material in your packet. Mr. Ring may be in attendance.

Town Hall Renovation – I'm progressing on this, but have been working alone for much of the week, and the progress is slow. I'll put what I've got done in your packet.

Veterans' Memorial Committee Update – There's a meeting on April 30 th for a dedication ceremony. Jo & Kathy and crew may have an update for Thursday.

School Consolidation – I've put the latest from MMA in your packet on what the Legislature did (and didn't do).

Personnel Review –Kathy has agreed to have her review on the 1 st . Jennifer will be on the 15 th . Either Dennis or I will do the 29 th , I'll firm that up later. I've put the performance review sheet for Kathy in your packet and will ask her to do a self evaluation.

That's all for now…see you Thursday.