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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 26, 2008

It's summer?!? The temperature doesn't indicate it, and the slowdown we normally experience for the summer doesn't indicate it either. For some reason it's been really busy these last two weeks.

Your meeting will begin with a job performance review for the CEO, and an interview with an ACO candidate. Don't forget you're meeting at 6:30 PM!

Minutes – There are two sets of minutes – the regular meeting and the special meeting at which you hired Bill Fennelly. Please make any corrections, preferably written!

Warrant 26 – So far the only thing other than payroll and utility bills and a few items for the office are tax lien filings and postage. Provided we don't get any big bills, we probably won't have to transfer any money in.

Budget Reports – The revenue budget is looking much healthier. We've collected more than budgeted (thanks to education revenues!). The only items showing under collection are CEO fees and auto excise taxes. We have over expended on public safety due to animal control expenses. I'm proposing an appropriation from surplus for that at the July 9 th town meeting.

Encumbrance Order – I'm still drafting that up. We've got some records preservation encumbrance ($1,000) that has not been done from last year. The flooring encumbrance is still there too. The parks kiosk encumbrance will be carried forward again. The fire truck payment will be encumbered for the next fiscal year. I'm going to check with Union Trust to see what a complete payoff might be when the next payment is due, if we can save a few bucks, suggest that it be paid off in full this August instead.

Town Hall Renovation Bids – We've had lots of interest in the renovation project. I don't know how many bids to expect, or what the cost is going to be.

Bloomfield Park Road Specs – Kerry has done up a spec sheet for the road, and I'll put it into bid form for your approval. My suggestion is to have bids due 7/17/08 with a site visit on July 8 at 9AM (Kerry will run that, I'm on vacation).

Town Meeting Warrants – I've drafted up warrants. The school budget figures are highlighted because they presumably will change after tonight's Budget Committee meeting. The warrants will be ready for signature.

Appointments – The positions listed are still vacant as of 7/1/08. Besides the incumbents in the paid positions, the following have applied for board vacancies:

Employment Contracts – Contracts have been signed by Jennifer and me, Bill Fennelly will sign his after making some corrections. I gave Kathy hers, and she did not indicate any reason to make changes, but she did not return a signed one yet. I'll draft up contracts for Dennis & Mike. You asked what the sick leave policy was for the teacher's union, and I've photocopied that and included it in your packet.

Veterans Memorial Update – Jo can probably provide an update as the committee meets the night before this meeting. I can confirm that the Fletcher's Landing Philharmonic Orchestra has agreed to play for the dedication celebration.

School Consolidation Update – I presume Cynthia will have an update on where things stand.

Transfer Station Survey Offer – The MRRA has e-mailed an offer to do a survey of transfer stations. I've put a copy in your packets.

Policy Updates – The mileage policy needs to be updated for FY 08/09 (the hybrid is $0.46/mile – Federal =- $0.505/mile, state is $0.42/mile. The average is $0.4625, rounded = $0.46.

You modified the flag policy a couple meetings ago. I'll have that ready for signature as well.

Town Office Schedule – Jennifer would indeed prefer to work on July 12th instead of the 5th , so we will take steps to publicize that.

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well I hope to have this complete for your meeting. There's lots of breaking news to get to.

Right to Know Training – I've printed off the training materials. Chris attended the MMA Elected Officials Workshop and was told that it wouldn't be required until after July 1st . We can take care of this on the 17th .

All for now……stu