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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of 9/18/08

Wow – the Veterans' Memorial project is nearly done construction and it's been good fun watching it go up with all the finishing coming together in the last 48-hours. The comments have been universally positive, and I'm in hopes the weather is decent for Saturday's dedication ceremony.

As you can see, the agenda isn't all that long. We've had a very busy week at the town hall. The photocopier died on Monday – a major malfunction that was fixed today (9/11/08). Business has been pretty brisk and getting Diane up to speed means a few more resources shifted elsewhere. She's doing very well.

Minutes – Please review the minutes from 9/4. I did them from notes, not the DVD.

Warrant 6 – I've not got this completely done, but it'll be huge. The school construction warrant is for over $300,000! We'll get that from the bond money. The operations warrant for the school is another $177,000. The payroll for the school is about $30,000, so that's a half million alone for the school. The paving bill is on here for a little under $114,000. Eek – we'll have to move some money from the investments account to cover this.

Cash & Budget Report – I'll do that next – should be kinda scary!

Checking Account - That balanced up nicely, and is in your packet.

Request for Excise Tax Refund – The written material in your packet is pretty self explanatory. I've included the letter requesting the refund, my letter back to the taxpayer, and a copy of the excise tax statute. I do not have any authority to issue a cash refund on excise tax and thus choose to kick this up to you.

Meeting with Steve Salsbury – I've not received any paper work from Steve yet on a possible lease with Gott instead of a ROW swap.

Meeting with Budget Committee – Two of the six committee members are unable to attend. Their thought I believe is to talk about budgeting strategy and scheduling for the next fiscal year.

Contracts – AA Randall & Sons – Chris reviewed the contract and made some minor changes from what was proposed at the last meeting. By consent of the board I've cut a check for $11,000 with a list (in your packet) of what they plan to purchase with that.

Diane Carter – With the few revisions from the previous meeting, that contract is ready to go as well.

No Frills Oil – Through the consortium bid, we're able to purchase heating fuel this year for $3.61/gallon. The contracts are in your packet and ready for signature. I'll have the payment on this warrant as well.

Bloomfield Park Entrance – I've not heard one way or the other whether the release deed and easement have been executed.

School Consolidation – There's a meeting Monday at Sumner HS at 6:30 for the public. Cynthia has a meeting on the 17 th , so we should have some very fresh news for our meeting.

Veterans Memorial – As mentioned above, it's looking real nice. Now all that's left to do is pay for it.

Special Election Order – We'll advertise that nomination papers for Chris's seat are available 9/15/08. This meets the statutory 85-days before the election planned for 12/9/08. That's the same date proposed for the RSU formation according to Jim Boothby. I'll draft up an order for that by Thursday, it might not be in your packet.

Lamoine Quarterly – I hope to have something preliminary banged out next week, maybe. Nothing is started yet.

Next Meetings – Job descriptions and staffing plans are a “goal” you discussed earlier this summer, and this would be a good time to look them over. I'll try to get the job descriptions in this packet, but definitely by Thursday.

That's all for now. Hopefully we've had a good time at the dedication by the time you read this.