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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of October 16, 2008

The end of the renovation project is in sight! It's gone very well I hope you like the result. The floor looks great, the clerk's office is working very well, and I hope to get the technology room moved around in the next week or so, once the equipment racks arrive.

You don't have a very long agenda, and I'm in hopes this might be a fairly swift meeting.

General Assistance Hearing This is the annual session to adopt the new state figures for the General Assistance Ordinance. I do not anticipate that anyone will have anything to offer, but I'll be glad to explain it if need be. Once the hearing is closed, you should take action to adopt the ordinance changes.

Minutes You'll have two sets of minutes; one is in the packet from the regular meeting; the other will be from tonight's meeting.

Warrant 8 As of yesterday the warrant is for $187,144.04. Of that $155,000 is for school expenses. The heating fuel is another $8,100, and there are a couple of salt deliveries for $$4,800. I expect we'll be able to transfer some money into the investment management account as well. The Staples transaction is for 3 chairs (two for the clerks, one for my office) and 2 UPS units, one for the clerk's office, one for the CTV room. I also purchased three new computer monitors (flat screen) one for my computer, one for the clerk's office, and one for the CTV room. That's the bill

Cash & Budget Report I've not done this up prior to writing the report, but I don't anticipate any wild variations from where we should be.

Checking Account Reconciliation We had two dates to reconcile this past month due to the First's conversion. Both came out just fine. I've put the 9/30/08 reconciliation in your packet for approval.

Bulky Waste Accounts We have 4 accounts that I don't anticipate we'll ever be able to collect. I've run the listing off for you. We've sent certified letters none of them live in Lamoine any more. The total of the 4-bills is $231.00. If you give me the go-ahead, I'll draw up an order to write those off for the next meeting.

Right of Way Gott I believe Steve Salsbury will have the final product ready. I've not received anything from either him or Mike Ross, but have this on the agenda in case it comes in. It'll be good to put this away finally.

LD1 Limit/Opinion I've put the response from MMA in your packet, as well as the Income growth figure from the state. I'll attempt to do our end of the calculation up for the meeting and the Budget Committee and have the final calculation.

Town Hall Renovation By the time I'm done here today, it should be essentially complete except for the roll-down grates for the tax collector/clerk's office.

Veterans Memorial I've sold a few DVD's thus far and will make up more for Election Day.

School Consolidation/Property Delineation We're discussing this tonight, but this should probably be on the agenda for the next few meetings until it gets done.

Bloomfield Park Road Nothing new to report at this time, but I have all the deeds and will attempt to file those at the Registry of Deeds soon.

MRC Nomination The information from the Municipal Review Committee is in your packets

Bangor Hydro Flag Display Permits - I've inquired with MMA about the insurance part of this. They've sent a response which is in your packet. I called the lady at Bangor Hydro but did not get a return call.

Budget Schedule The Budget Committee meets on Monday and will set the schedule. If we have time, let's talk about budget approaches so I can have some direction on the initial presentations.

That's it for now. Time to start cleaning up the office!