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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of November 20, 2008

Happy November. At least it's not snowing yet! You've got a relatively light agenda thus far, and maybe it'll be a relatively quick meeting

Automobile Graveyard Permits – We got the applications from Barry Norris on Monday which gave us time to advertise the hearing in the paper and by posting. I'll prepare the permits so that they're similar to the previous year's conditions. I hope to have Dennis inspect the yards.

Minutes – You have two sets of minutes. I've reprinted the 10/30/08 minutes with corrections supplied by Cynthia. Any written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 11 – The version you have is $19,560.39. Most of that is the plow bill for December. There will be our payroll and school payroll on here when you get it on Thursday.

Cash & Budget Report – Now that the audit is done, I'll soon be able to put the 4 th page with the effect of operations on fund balance in your report. It takes a while to format that. Excise tax has started to drop off similar to past years. Investment interest will pick up – we've not gotten the October report yet – the bank told me it would be late as the officer who prepares that is on vacation until mid-November.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It's in your packet and all balanced up. I did need to make a $0.30 adjustment in the General Ledger as I entered a bill-pay amount wrong to Bangor Hydro.

Demo Debris Write-Offs – I'll have an order for that in your packet. We'll charge this to the solid waste –demo debris account.

FY 2008 Audit – Three of you should have the audit I handed out at the Budget Committee meeting on Monday the 10 th . I've put Dick's copy in his packet. There is a management letter to sign and send back to Jim Wadman's office. I've put the balance sheet for 7/1/08 in your packet as well, reflecting the adjustments made by the auditors.

Software Upgrade – Database – I'm going to rely on Brett a bit for this. I've put the price list in your packet for an upgrade to the Alpha 5 database. We've been using this program for about 15-years for nearly everything – especially daily operations and real estate taxes. The current version runs on Windows 95, and we've been having some “issues” on the town hall network with this. There is money in the budget to upgrade software, but this is not cheap ($400 or $600)

Meet with Assessors – Up for discussion is compensation, tree growth penalties, and board operations. I've e-mailed the Board of Assessors to let them know about the meeting, and Jane is aware of the meeting (and requested it). This will be a good chance for both board to discuss any issues there might be and any future changes that might be suggested.

Resignation – Linda Feury has e-mailed her resignation. How would you like to replace her (she was the alternate)? I've had one person express interest already.

School Consolidation – Is there any meeting yet for lot delineation? I've not heard from Brett or Cynthia on any meeting date.

Just a reminder the vote is on December 9th . You're meeting on the 4th . I'll double check to make sure all the paperwork is in place for the vote. We already have absentee ballots available, but no takers thus far.

Next Meetings – I've laid out the list through April on the agenda.

Budget Workshop – I hope to have department head requests on some areas before the meeting, but I have nothing in your packet other than the administration budget at this point. The Budget Committee meets on the 1 st of December, and you have no meetings between this one and then.

That's all for now - stu