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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 3, 2008

A very busy week is ahead for the town with voting, town meeting, and this meeting. The agenda is relatively short, though it looks kind of long.

Call to Order/Oath/Chairman – As the Board will technically be a “new” board, though at least four members of the current board will remain in office, I'll open the meeting as Deputy Clerk. If the newly elected Selectman has not been sworn in yet, I'll take care of that as well. The chair for the 08/09 season will then be picked using the nomination and hand vote process. After the selection, the new chair will run the meeting.

Minutes – Please review the March 20th minutes. Even though the meeting lasted less than an hour, the minutes are fairly detailed.

Expenditure Warrant 20 – The Semi-Annual payroll is on here, nothing else unusual.

Cash & Budget Report – There is enough in the checking account to cover all the bills at this point, which leaves us about $1-million in the investment account to get through the fiscal year. Bottom line, we're in good shape.

Fee Schedule – This is one of those items you set annually. I'm proposing no changes from the present schedule.

Disbursement Policy – Again, an item you approve on an annual basis, and no changes are proposed.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be on the table for the meeting – since the quarter closes on Monday, I won't be able to produce it in time for the packet. We've noticed a slight uptick in business in the past week or so.

Rules of Procedure – Another policy that you adopt annually. No changes are proposed.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance – Assuming town meeting approves the mandated changes; a new document will be ready for signature.

School Budget – In the words of Superintendent Boothby, it isn't pretty. The meeting between the school board and budget committee is tentatively set for Monday night following town meeting. The Selectmen should probably be there too.

Commendations – I should have some nice certificates for both the Boy's basketball team and the Cheering Squad who won their respective championships this winter.

Cell Tower Lease – I've given you the bad news via e-mail (and in the Lamoine Quarterly). Verizon has put the project on indefinite hold, which means it won't be happening any time soon. The correspondence from Chip Fredette is in your packet.

Road Name – Griff Fenton has requested a separate road name for the drive that accesses his home and an apartment he is building off the end of Lorimer Road . The proposed name is Ocean Bridge Boulevard . That does not conflict with any current names.

Town Meeting Recap/Follow Up – An opportunity to follow up on any issues that need to be addressed resulting from discussion/votes at the annual town meeting. This does not need to be a lengthy discussion, more of setting items for future action if needed.

Gott Right Of Way Update – Chris asked about where we stand on the right of way with Doug Gott. I spoke to Steve Salsbury, and they're still negotiating with the landowner behind the transfer station, so nothing is ready to roll at this time.

Meeting Schedule – The schedule is unchanged as printed.

That's it for this week. See you Thursday the 3rd .