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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 15, 2008

Your meeting will start with a job performance review in executive session at 6:30 PM as requested by Jo. This way Jennifer can get home at a reasonable hour.

I do have a baseball game to umpire, but it's in Ellsworth, it starts at 3:30 PM, and has a 2-hour time limit, so I will be there in plenty of time. My apologies for the last meeting – the schools were desperate for umpires on May 1 st and I booked what I thought would be a quick and close game.

Business has started to pick up for the spring at the town office. The past couple of weeks has seen an uptick in vehicle and boat registration business. Things are getting cleaned up for spring, and we're looking OK until the end of the fiscal year. I'm in hopes that you'll be able to move right along in your meeting.

Minutes – The written changes are most helpful.

Warrant 23 – This is a big one thanks to the school department. There is a $70,000 bill for the renovation project on here. I'll be working with the school department to draw that from the bond issue. Of the $269,000 on the warrant, around $264,000 is for school expenses. No unusual town expenses are on the warrant.

Cash/Budget Report – We're getting close on the public safety budget – the Animal Control Budget is over, the fund balance is about $200 under. There are several dogs that need to be registered and the late fees should make up that shortage. I'm doing up a print-out for the fire department. Other than that, everything else is about where it should be.

Checking Account – The reconciliation is in your packet.

30-day notices – Jennifer has done those up and they should be mailed out today (5/8/08). I've put the list in your packets

Meeting with Roger Picard – There is a separate memo on this in your packet.

Adm. Asst. Job Description – I believe you've each received a request from Mr. Sharkey to change my job description. I've enclosed a copy of the job description in your packet. Despite popular opinion, this job description was mostly inherited from my predecessor 15+ years ago, reworded only with the addition of the treasurer duties. If you feel a need to alter it further, that's fine with me.

Freedom of Access Request – Mr. Sharkey made a request via e-mail for the names of those on our e-mail list. We were able to easily and swiftly comply with that. A follow up request asked that each name for each distribution list be listed with category. A response to him with the e-mail thread is included in your materials. Bottom line is that I have no idea how to easily generate that information.

Job Openings – I've drafted up ads for the Transfer Station and ACO jobs. I've also adapted a job application I found on-line that would seem to suit our needs adequately. Please look them over and once we have what the Board wants for an ad and application, we'll start advertising as you see appropriate.

Special Town Meeting(s) – The school budget meeting will be the Wednesday following this coming meeting. The validation referendum is the Tuesday following that. As mentioned via e-mail the polls will be open 10AM to 7PM. We're only required to have polls open for 4-hours, so this will exceed the minimum requirement significantly.

Honor Grads – I've inquired from the schools and will have the certificates ready for signature.

Contaminated Sites – The Hancock County Planning Commission supplied a spread sheet upon which they based the grant application. Specific sites are not identified, but only categorized. I suspect that these are “on paper” sites as we've not been informed of any contamination issues.

Speed Display Trailer – I've enclosed e-mail correspondence with Holden's Town Manager in regard to the device.

Town Hall Renovation – you might want to move this to last so we have nothing else and can devote some time to reviewing the plans. I've recopied the computer generated stuff that I left on the table last time. Bring your ideas, and let's plan to get this ready to bid shortly.

Veterans Memorial Committee – The dedication committee meets the night before this meeting. There should be some news from Jo to report.

School Consolidation – I suspect Cynthia will have some news on this too.

Meeting Schedule

Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

Special Town Meeting

That's it for now – see you on the 15th .