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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 29, 2008

It's been a very hectic week at the town office with the Special town meeting prep, 30-day tax due notices coming in, mooring renewals, donations to the Veterans memorial, and just a general increase in business.

Just a reminder that the meeting will start at 6:30 PM with your performance review of the CEO/Road Commissioner.

Minutes written corrections are encouraged!

Warrant 24 In comparison to the last warrant, this is pretty small. There will be another payroll on here for May 28th for the moderator, ballot clerks, and I forgot to pay Jennifer for the 30-day notice demand fees.

Cash & Budget Report We're looking on-target on the expenditure side, revenues are improving (even revenue sharing is ahead of projections!). Other than the Animal Control fund, I have no major concerns as we near the end of the fiscal year.

Fuel Bids Maine Power Options Maine Power Options has put heating fuel out to bid and the bids are in. I've put the information in your packet. We generally have gone in with the school on heating fuel bids, and I'm not sure where they are as far as a lock-in price for next year. I'll try to have that information from David Bridgham for the meeting.

Request of Joseph & Joanne St. Pierre for Tax Refund I've compiled a very lengthy report on this request and it's in your packet.

Assessors Jane will be here for the meeting with the St. Pierres.

State Valuation - We just the got the state valuation for 2009 and our town valuation is up to $272,100,000. That's a 6.5% increase. The weighted average ratio is 85%, which is pretty much on track with what I'm showing on the spreadsheet tracking declarations of value on property sales.

Printer The Assessors use color pictures of buildings for their property cards. They use the town's digital camera to get those pictures; I dump them onto the computer in my office, make a CD, then take that home and print them off on my color laser printer at home. Jane is requesting such a printer for the office (I didn't put her up to this!). They run about $300 at the office supply stores.

Referendum Petition Appeal The Board of Appeals has set June 9th for this meeting. I would encourage attendance by the Board. The agenda is in your packets.

Appointed Officials Update I've put a list of those appointed officials who've indicated they wish to continue in their positions and those who do not wish to be reappointed in your packet.

Town Meeting - Mutual Aid Agreement The agreement with the other towns awaits your signature. We will send this to the other towns that've signed onto the agreement and await their signatures.

School Budget Given the amount of political activity around the validation referendum, we're printing up more than the original 200 ballots. Absentee activity started Friday morning. I'll have results on-line Tuesday night.

Next Meetings Cynthia wanted to discuss the August meeting.

Executive Session Job applicants The deadline for applications for the two posted jobs is Thursday. I'll have copies of the applications for you. I suggest you weed through them (I'm not expecting many), decide whom to interview and move forward from there. Allen will be out of town the last week of June, so it would be good to have someone on board for that job soon.

That's it for now. See you to vote on Tuesday and for the meeting on Thursday.