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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 12, 2008

Greetings before your next to last meeting of the year. The agenda is relatively short; the meeting will start early to interview the 3-candidates for the Transfer Station/ACO jobs in executive session. It will also end in executive session to do my job performance review.

This has been a very busy time at the town office. The election process has caused a lot of work here, car registrations, mooring renewals, and general summertime increases in activity have kept us hopping.

Minutes Please review as usual. Written edits are most appreciated.

Warrant 25 We will have to transfer funds to cover this thanks to almost $282,000 in school expenses. Otherwise, nothing terribly unusual.

Cash & Budget Reports I've produced the usual spreadsheets, plus written a separate memo as we near year's end.

Checking Account Reconciliation - That is also in your packet. There is a charge for new checks which the bank should not have included. It was backed out on June 4th. All else balances.

School Budget Timetable Jim Boothby and I have devised a timetable for dealing with the school budget. There was a pretty good article in the Ellsworth American about it. The School Committee is meeting Friday the 6 th to start the process, there will be a public meeting at the school on the 16 th and the Budget Committee meets on the 19 th . You'll sign the town meeting warrant on the 26 th for both the open meeting and the validation referendum. We're thinking the open meeting will be at the fire station because the gym is unavailable.

State Copier Program I've put the literature in your packet. Our copier is working just fine, but it's getting up there in age (we purchased it in September 2003, so it's about 5-years old now). Just FYI.

St. Pierre Abatement I've mailed them a letter following the tabling of their request last meeting and have not yet heard from them. This is on the agenda since it was tabled until this meeting.

Personnel Appointments The list is on the 2nd page of the agenda. Not yet on the list are those paid personnel who've not been reviewed (with the exception of me) or officially hired. If you are ready to hire a transfer station attendant, we'll add that to the list at the meeting. That would leave just the code enforcement folks and the ACO and the vacant board positions which I would suggest for the 6/26/08 meeting. We do have an application for ACO from Mike Arsenault. Because this meeting happens the same night as Lamoine School graduation, he's not available to meet with you (his son is graduating!). He'll be in to meet with you on the 26 th .

Job Review My performance review is scheduled for after the public portion of the meeting. I've put my self evaluation into the packet.

That's all for this meeting. Looking forward to the 12th .