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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of July 17, 2008

Welcome to the new fiscal year. I'm afraid this won't be much of a report, since I'm “on vacation”. I'm writing this on July 9 th , as I'm in for a while to set up the special town meeting.

Minutes – Please review both sets of minutes. The June 30 th minutes are pretty short.

Warrant 1 – The social service agency payments are on this warrant, probably some leftover bills from FY 07/08, payroll, and the like. I haven't started the warrant yet, so I honestly don't know how much it will be.

Cash & Budget Report – The report will be for FY 2007/08, since the bills for 08/09 have not started to accumulate in any meaningful fashion, and I have not formatted the FY 08/09 report.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The checkbook balanced perfectly! The reconciliation is in your materials.

Kathy DeFusco Resignation – As mentioned in an e-mail to you prior to my leaving for vacation, Kathy is leaving. I plan to have Jennifer attend your meeting so we can discuss some strategy in regard to replacing this position/hours etc.

Deputy Harbor Master – The advertising for this has been pretty low key. I've posted it on the website, mailed an application to one person who was interested and posted it on the bulletin boards at the transfer station and town hall. We've had one person turn in an application, and another has asked for one. At this point I've not had any concerns about the harbor area expressed to me.

Town Office Renovations – I've not heard back from Dick on his check on the apparent low bidder. I've not made any calls nor sent out any communication to all bidders other than answering phone inquiries.

Bloomfield Park Road – Kerry Galeaz reports there were about a half dozen bidders at the pre-bid meeting. He is not available to review the bids before the meeting. My suggestion would be that you refer this to the Parks Commission for a recommendation.

Road Mowing – I would suggest that we mail out a request for bids and have Dennis award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder at his discretion.

Small Uncollected Tax Amounts Policy – I've not had a chance to work on any sort of draft for this. My suggestion is that I'll try to draft up something for the meeting as a starting point, then have this as an item for the August and September meetings for final approval.

Mileage Rate – The day after I printed off the IRS rate, they changed the rate effective July 1, 2008, up to $0.585/mile. The state rate remains $0.42/mile. The new hybrid rate would be $0.50/mile (rounding down).

ACO Contract - I've not had a chance to draft this either. My suggestion would be to look at this as a first, rough draft, make changes, send the offer to the ACO for his comment, and have this as a final enactment for August.

CEO Contract – I'll get to the changes proposed at the 6/30/08 meeting on Monday – first priority!

Lane Construction – The contract from Lane is in here for Birchlawn Drive & Buttermilk Road. I would suggest signing it and sending it back. Strangely, it arrived before the job was done this year!

Bangor Hydro Poles/Flags – There is paperwork we received from Bangor Hydro about placing flags on their poles. I've not had a chance to read it over, but I suspect they want us to fill out the application. Apparently they're doing this in all the communities which are displaying flags.

Postings Bulletin Board – Transfer Station – Bill Fennelly had a run in the last couple of weeks with Neil Salisbury at the transfer station over posting stuff in the small, municipal postings, bulletin board we have there. Bill has put a padlock on the bulletin board now, and according to witnesses, Mr. Salisbury was rather insistent that he has the “right” to post his own materials at the transfer station. Apparently the discussion got rather heated on Mr. Salisbury's part. The bottom line questions are: Do we need a policy on what can get posted in that bulletin board, and what instruction should be give to Bill in regard to the potential behavior by Mr. Salisbury?

Right to Know Law Training – My goal is to go over the training materials, have you sign your certificates that you received the proper training and get it over with.

Veterans Memorial Update – Jo may have something on that for us. Losing Kathy will be a big loss to this project – she's devoted a lot of time and energy to it.

School Consolidation Update – I'm hopeful that Cynthia can provide some sort of timeline, if any, as to what to expect in the coming months.

Town Meeting(s) Follow Up – By the time we meet, we'll know the outcome of both meetings. Since I'm writing this a few hours before the first one, I don't have a clue.

Executive Session – The personnel matter will be to discuss with Jennifer the future of the tax collector/town clerk position given the resignation.

Sorry for such a vague report….I'll probably be distributing this Monday evening.