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Administrative Assistant's Report

for Meeting of August 21, 2008

For a summer where we planned to not have very many meetings, there sure have been a lot of meetings! As I write, it's Wednesday, August 13, 2008 and the sun has finally broken out. Town meeting looms tomorrow night. You have a fairly substantial agenda, and we're getting ready for the fall season already. Where did summer go?

Minutes You have 3 sets of minutes to deal with. I'd appreciate written corrections if possible. Chris has already corrected the 7/17 minutes, but I've put a set in the packets with those corrections. The other two meetings were relatively brief.

Warrant 4 Compared to the last warrant for over $320,000, this is little. We did get the bond check for school construction, so that check has been released. Nothing terribly unusual on this warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports I've got both fiscal years on here. I've yet to close out the FY 08 fiscal year. You'll notice solid waste no longer shows an over expenditure for FY08. I've added the recycling revenues in. There is still a check due from PERC which will bring that down even more. I'm pretty pleased with how the year turned out.

Excise Report There's been an interesting thread on excise taxes on the Town Management list-serve. I'll try to print that off for you and put it in your packet. Bottom line, our quarterly collections are pretty flat compared to the previous year.

Checking Account Reconciliation The checkbook balanced up quite nicely again. It's in your packet.

Meeting with Steve Salsbury re: Gott Right of Way Steve says he can make this meeting. Bring your questions.

BHE Pole Permit This is for a pair of utility poles on Raccoon Cove Road . A copy of the permit by rule application is in your packet. On a side note, the lady who does the pole permitting is the same one I've been trying to contact with the permits for the flags so far she's not returned my call.

School Consolidation / Budget We'll have the results from the two town meetings for the board meeting. As of this week, Lamoine was one of four towns in the state that had yet to validate a school budget. The others are Cape Elizabeth , Sabattus and Monmouth. A reporter from the Lewiston Sun Journal called last week to do an article, but she didn't report anything about Lamoine other than we were on the short list.

Cynthia sent around the draft proposal for the RSU. I've made some comments and sent them to her. This draft is also posted on line.

I understand Richard Davis wishes to resign as the RPC public member, though nothing has been received in writing at this point. I presume Kathleen Rybarz would move up to full status and you'd want to appoint an alternate? I'll bring blank appointment papers for however you wish to do it.

Dangerous Bldg/CEO Tony Beardsley has heard from Mr. Young who has an estimate on removing the building in question. Tony asked if the goal was to get it removed and I answered yes. He said Mr. Young would be told to get it done by a certain date. Tony's goal was to not run up much of a legal bill.

Planners Dennis received a nice small day planner from a promotional company in the mail and wanted to know if you wanted to order a bunch for boards and staff. I'll have the copy with me at the meeting.

Small Amounts of Uncollected Property Tax Policy The draft is in your packet.

Public Display Areas Policy Ditto

Building Use Policy The policy drafted last February is in your packet. Cynthia suggested this in response to the e-mail I sent you last week in regard to temporary storage of the modular home units on town property.

All these policies are in draft form. It would be good to talk about them and make changes so the final forms could be enacted.

Contract with Mike Arsenault I've mailed him the draft and have not heard from him in regard to any changes. I suggest this be signed.

Bloomfield Park Road Project The bid's been awarded, we await the easement. Perhaps Chris T-W can update us on that.

Town Hall Renovation Project I researched the low bidder and got glowing results. They're available now, but let's discuss it. A separate memo is in your packet.

Paving - There are numerous stories in the papers about how paving projects are being shut down because of the cost of asphalt. I told Roger Picard you wanted something in writing from Lane saying they can't perform the contract because of the price of asphalt. It has yet to arrive. Tony B. has been alerted to the situation.

Meeting Schedule You have two special meetings for the 25th & 27th to interview candidates for the Asst. Clerk/Asst. Tax Collector position. A separate bundle of materials is with your packet on this.

I've laid out the possible meeting schedule through February and put some of the goals of the upcoming meetings next to the dates through October. This envisions two meetings a month so that they don't conflict with holidays.

Please note that I will be out of the office on Wednesday 8/20, Thursday 8/21 for most of the day until meeting time, and Friday morning 8/22 for the annual town management convention in Bar Harbor . I'll also be out on Tuesday, 8/26 to take my daughter to college. I would respectfully request that no last minute things be added to the agenda unless they're a real emergency.