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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 4, 2008

What an incredibly busy time around town. The Assessors made their tax commitment. The bills are printed and we're in the process of getting them stuffed into envelopes as I write on Thursday the 28 th . The school renovations are nearly done, but not in time for school to open as scheduled. That'll happen on 9/2 instead. The Veterans' Memorial is nearly done, and the dedication is quickly approaching. The Planning and Appeals Board have big meetings coming up, and your busy season is starting to heat up. Add to that trying to find an assistant town clerk/tax collector, and that makes for a busy summer!

Minutes – I haven't started those yet – they're next! Read over the draft, bring written corrections if possible.

Warrant 5 – Not much on here yet – just payroll, school payroll, road mowing.

Budget Reports – Nothing terribly unusual at this point here either. Once the tax bills are mailed out, we should start seeing some positive cash flow. It will be interesting to see how things change with two due dates.

Nankervis Trucking – Wanda Jordan and Teddy Nankervis should be here at your request to make sure we're on track for this winter and with the salt/sand shed.

AA Randall Meeting – They'll be here. I'm in hopes of having a draft contract done up for signature. We have to discuss the fire alarm system and the flooring, along with the construction schedule.

Phone System – I'm looking at an AT&T phone system (I'll copy the catalog page) from WB Mason, but will keep searching. Hope to have that in during the next 3-weeks.

Appointments – Planning Board - Only one person has expressed interest in the Planning Board (that being Selectman Tadema-Wielandt). If you know of anyone remotely interested, please let them know about the vacancy.

Assistant Clerk/Assistant Tax Collector – Without revealing the name because not all the interview candidates have yet been contacted as of this writing, the search committee of Brett, Jo, Jennifer and I have come up with a unanimous selection. She has accepted the job at the rate of pay proposed ($10 to start, $10.50 after 90-day probation). It was a very difficult decision. Any one of the finalists would have been a fine choice.

Tax Abatement – A lien was filed on a property tax owned by John Bonaccorso. He has passed away, and the property was given back to the previous owner prior to 4/1/07 which was not picked up by the Assessors until this year. There should not have been a property tax bill issued for this. My request is that this bill / lien be abated by the Selectmen because it was improperly billed. The total due as of today was $289.63.

Policies – I'll put the latest versions of the first two in your packet. The building use policy needs discussion in detail before it's ready for adoption.

Road Treatment Insurance – An interesting offer from MMA. I'll put this in your packet.

Bloomfield Park Road Update – Still waiting for the easement execution as far as I know.

School Consolidation – I suspect Cynthia will have something for us. MDI”s plan got approved this week.

Veterans Memorial - Construction is nearly done – just waiting for the flagpoles and flags. The dedication committee meets on Tuesday.

Meeting Schedule – It's listed on the agenda. This will be very helpful to me to know which days to block out over the fall and winter.

Other – Lane was agreeable on the proposed price. There's a contract in your packet, but the tonnage is not correct. Roger Picard is proposing that a thin shim be put on Walker Road to cut down on the tonnage, and the paving should happen on Tuesday the 2nd .

Just a reminder that we're closed for Labor Day on Monday. The Fire Department & Veterans' Memorial Committee will be selling food at the Flash In The Pans show on Monday evening.

That's it for now. See you on Thursday.