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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of 10/2/08

What a mess around the town office as I write this, but they're doing a superb job on renovations, and the staff has been extremely cooperative and helpful as far as moving stuff and working in less than ideal conditions. It will be well worth it in the end, but not much paperwork is getting done during the process. Thankfully it has been very slow in the office this week – couldn't have picked a better time to do it.

You have a relatively short agenda for Chris's last meeting. There has been no interest thus far in anyone picking up nomination papers for Selectmen. I'll be sending out the announcement by e-mail later on this week.

Minutes – The corrections in writing are extremely useful – keep it up.

Warrant 7 – So far, just payroll is on the warrant. I've purchased the phones and that will be on there ($600 roughly). Some other minor stuff.

Cash & Budget Report – I've not had a chance to run this before writing this report. I don't expect anything bad. The auditors will be here on the 30 th to do their final field work.

Oil Pre-Buy – There is a separate memo on this. The larger companies change their prices daily, and the savings (as of Wednesday) would not equal the credit we lose with No Frills from last year's program.

GA Public Hearing – This is the annual update for the General Assistance Ordinance. I've copied a memo from DHHS for your packet.

Junkyard Renewals – Junkyards expire October 31 st . We don't have a 3 rd meeting scheduled for October, so November 6 th would be the logical date for this. Barry Norris has the only licensed junkyards in town. You might want to discuss other “junky” situations.

Lamoine Quarterly – This will be the focus of my work on Thursday and Friday (other than the renovation project)

Snow Plow Contract – Wanda Jordan is still working on fuel figures and history. Once I get this, I'll do up some language.

School Consolidation - I presume the school committees instructed Mr. Boothby to pass this along to the Education Commissioner last night. The full plan is posted on line. If you want, I can print off all 35-pages, but I'd just as soon not use the paper.

Veterans Memorial Committee - Comments are very positive. I'll also work on dubbing the DVD of the dedication ceremony.

Bloomfield Park – Chris has a bunch of deeds and easements that he's e-mailed over. I'm not sure where the Branches et al stand as far as signing goes. Kerry Galeaz may also drop by to show you the final design for the park kiosks.

Town Office Renovations – With luck, this should be substantially done by the time you meet. It's going very well. I'm pleased with the flooring. The color is close to what you chose – that color was not available, but it's called “dark oak”, and they were able to purchase it at Mardens! It's tough stuff, cleans up easily and looks good.

I'm writing this Wednesday afternoon. So far they've put the flooring into the back room and we've moved the desk from the meeting room and the clerk's office into that room along with the CEO Files. Dennis is going to have to sort through that and get it cleaned up.

My office is nearly all floored. The electrician is supposed to show up tomorrow to move CAT 5 cables out of this office and into the technology room. At Brett's suggestion, I've ordered a new network switch to be installed in that room. The Cable TV committee has also recommended two equipment racks to be paid from their fund (which is quite sizable).

They have installed the window in my office, and it's really neat to see who's coming and going! Great idea. That took away a lot of bulletin board space unfortunately, as will the Clerk's office renovation. They resized the bulletin board in the hallway.

The office supply room is done. I've re-thought the refrigerator placement and will put that back in the CEO office. Just not enough room in the supply room, there was no electrical outlet on the outside wall, and it would have sat right on top of the heating vent.

They're working on the tax collector/clerk's right now – we've got temporary facilities set up in the meeting room. I can't say enough nice things about the two men working here – they know what they're doing, they do it well and they're very pleasant to work with.

Next Meetings – I've put the schedule on the agenda through February.

Workshop – I suspect this will be a bit time consuming. I've printed off the job descriptions and a memo regarding the staffing we currently have at the town hall.

That's all for now – I don't have any executive session matters. See you Thursday.