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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 6, 2008

What a busy time it's been at the town office. Between more than 240-absentee ballots being cast, property taxes pouring in, vehicle registrations, hunting licenses and the like, we've been right out straight.

The agenda is not very long, and my hope is you're getting this tonight (10/30/08) at the special meeting.

Minutes The October 16 th minutes are in here, the minutes of October 30 obviously haven't occurred yet. I'll try to e-mail those ahead of time if I get them done expeditiously.

Warrant 10 So far, nothing it's all on warrant 9. Again, I'll e-mail the web link to that before the meeting. There will be payroll, school payroll, and probably a school operations warrant at the least. Probably another transfer into investment management if tax collections continue to go well.

Cash & Budget You've got the one from tonight I'll run another one the day of the meeting, and it's updated on line as well.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report It's in your packet and will be on line.

Tree Growth Letter The state really screwed up the tree growth reimbursement, and owes us about $1,400 more. A letter is enclosed.

State Valuation The state determination is in your packet as well.

Right of Way Gott - Just got the agreement from Mike Ross's office. It's in your packet.

Needles Eye Road The culvert has been cleaned out, and one of those responsible for the blockage has gone to beaver heaven thanks to ACO Arsenault. He's got more traps at the scene, but got a good sized one today.

Bloomfield Park Road This project has apparently started, but I've not been able to get up to see it yet. Everyone involved seems pleased from what I hear.

Budget Workshop I've squeezed in some work on the Administration budget and have my presentation to you done. It's in your packet.

That's all I have so far for the meeting.