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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 4, 2008

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Power has been restored town-wide following Tuesday night's wind storm, but there was a lot of tree damage around town. The usual flood locations flooded again ( Mud Creek Road , Archer's Brook, Needles Eye Road ).

The agenda for December 4 th is relatively light! This will be your last meeting with four board members.

Minutes Please look them over as usual.

Warrant 12 This is very small at this point (less than $1,100). It will grow. Payroll for both town staff and school will be on here. This is generally the time we pay the firefighter stipends I'm waiting for the list from Skip. The month end stuff for state agencies will be added, and there is likely to be a school operations warrant following Monday's school committee meeting.

Cash & Budget Report Although town expenditures are ahead of the fiscal year percentage, and revenues are off slightly, nothing raises a big concern at this time.

Lien Foreclosures Foreclosure day is December 8, 2008. We sent notices out earlier in November. I've included the list as of 11/28.

Budget Committee So far we have one applicant for the position.

Cable TV Committee The Cable TV folks are recommending an automation system that will greatly enhance the channel. We can schedule actual programs and intersperse it with the town information billboard. I've put the information in your packet.

School Consolidation - I've left this on your agenda in case any discussion is needed.

Bangor Hydro Correspondence A letter from Bangor Hydro's legal department is enclosed, as is my letter to them regarding the flag pole displays. I'm not sure how you wish to proceed.

Request from Robert Sharkey An e-mail message from Mr. Sharkey is included in your packet.

Next Meetings The schedule through town meeting is laid out.

Budget Workshop The Budget Committee meets on Monday. The various budgets have started to trickle in. I'll have an up to date budget for Monday.

There is nothing for executive session at this point, and I'm not expecting anything.

See you Thursday (maybe Monday too?!?)