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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of December 18, 2008

It's our last meeting of the calendar year, and the first official meeting for newly elected Selectman Kermit Theall. Welcome to the Board! While the agenda looks long, I don't think there are many issues that should take much time.

Minutes – Please look over the December 4 th minutes. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 13 – As of this writing, it's in the $6,000 range. It will grow. We'll have a school payroll, probably a plowing bill, and the town payroll on here as the largest components. The biggest component presently is the 2 nd half of the insurance bill.

Cash & Budget Report – Income is lagging behind a bit; expenses are in line with where we ought to be in the fiscal year.

Checking Account Reconciliation – It balanced nicely. Let me know if you have any questions.

Investment Portfolio – Brett brought this up at the last meeting, and this is copied for you each time we get one. It wouldn't hurt to review this. At least we're on the positive side. Everything is either a federally backed bond or an FDIC protected DC. The yield is still pretty good, considering the markets.

Foreclosure Notice Status – Though the date has passed (it was Monday), the two remaining liens actually have until the 14 th to pay because I sent out the 30-day notices a few days late. I've heard from both accounts and expect both will be paid in full, and we will not foreclose on anyone this year.

DMR – Mussel Lease Transfer - The notice is in your packet.

School Consolidation - Voting Results – As you probably know, it passed here with the most votes of anyone in the new RSU! 185 to 71 was the final tally. Our turnout was 17.7%, and the 2nd highest number wise in the RSU. In fact, we trailed Ellsworth by only 38-voters, and they have nearly 4-times the number of registered voters that we do!

Lot Delineation - I don't know if Brett has anything new on this, but I'll keep it on the agenda as a running item.

Next Election – I spoke with Ellsworth's city manager, Michelle Beal, last week when she called with concerns over the turnaround time for electing the RSU school committee. She said she was being told it would be on the 27 th of January, which is not very long from now. I did some research on the RSU and election laws, and there needs to be at least 55-days before the election could take place for the purpose of making nominating petitions available. That differs slightly from normal municipal law which requires nominating petitions be available for 40-days before the deadline, which is 45-days before the election. The RSU laws require only that the petitions be available for 10-days before the deadline. What's more, it's the RSU's temporary secretary's office that supplies the petitions, processes them, and all that.

Anyway, I've e-mailed my concerns to David Bridgham and share Michelle's analysis that 1/27/09 is not legal. I'm in hopes that this is shared with the RPC on Monday the 15th .

Bill for Election – I've fashioned a bill to the school department which is supposedly reimbursable by the state for running the RSU election. I've put a copy of this in your packet. Normally, I don't charge anything for moderating the town meeting during Election Day….however….

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well (and it has been), I should have a draft ready for inspection for your meeting. It will not be in this packet. The next edition is due 1/1/09

Snow Plowing Contract – A separate memo and analysis is in your packet. This was fun to put together, and my aim was to come up with fair wording that protects both the town and the contractor from big surprises.

HHW Collection – An analysis from the Acadia Disposal District is in your packet. I think we'll be getting a bill as our citizens threw out lots of hazardous waste in October.

Conservation Commission Joint Meeting – I've e-mailed Fred Stocking, he's e-mailed his committee. I hope to hear back with a date sometime soon.

Budget Update - I've put the latest budget printouts in your packet. The Budget Committee (sans Henry who's with the RPC meeting) meets on Monday the 15 th .

Town Report Bid Specs – We had several requests to put the report out to bid. I'll try to have something in this packet for proposed specs.

Town Meeting Schedule – Just double checking to see that April 7 & 8 will still be the annual town meeting. If so, I've laid out the dates on the agenda.

Other….. In case you didn't hear, I slightly damaged the 2005 International Fire Truck on the way to an accident scene on Sunday night when a deer hit the front, driver's side bumper. We've filed an insurance claim with MMA – apparently the deductible for such an instance is $250.

Citizen Recognition Event – An e-mail from Brett is in your packet in regard to this.

RedZone Wireless – This came in after initially doing up the agenda, but is of significant impact on the town. I've put a sample letter and a quick explanation in your packets.

That's it from this office…..Merry Christmas in advance!