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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of 1/8/09

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good set of holidays. It was pretty busy in the town office during the last couple of weeks in November, but I think we're all caught up.

You have a relatively business meeting agenda.

Minutes – December 18 – Please look over the draft and make any corrections –as always the help is appreciated and written is preferred.

Warrant 14 – I've copied what four of the five of you signed on New Year's Eve. Thank-you for venturing in to do that. The $33.98 spent for computer memory has really been worth it. The machine we put that in (thanks to Brett's guidance) is acting like a brand new unit! Nothing else unusual on this warrant.

Warrant 15 – This is a tiny one, but will likely grow after the school board meeting on Monday. So far, just the month end reports for the state, PERC, and the cell phone bills.

Cash & Budget Report – I've put the 12/31/08 report in here which does not include warrant 15. I've also put a report as of today (1/2/08) which does include those expenditures. You'll see we're lagging behind in virtually every income category while we're right about where we should be on expenditures.

Checking Account Reconciliation – That's my next task after this report, and it should be ready for your review.

Code Enforcement – Notice of Violation – I've e-mailed Dennis and Steve Salsbury to see if we can get some sort of update based on e-mail from a couple of Selectmen (enclosed).

Roads – Maintenance Needs – We could use the following work:

Plowing Contract – I've put my previous memo that was tabled at the last meeting in your packet for further discussion.

Name Assignments - Saffell Drive – This will be an entrance off Buttermilk Road that will now be serving two homes. This comes at the suggestion of one of the landowners who previously owned the entire driveway/land.

Chickadee Lane - I'd sent a letter to William Pinkham asking him for suggestions for a road that is serving two camps off Mud Creek Road . He's not come up with anything, so in keeping with the bird theme in that area, I'd propose that this be the new name.

Town Meetings – February 12, 2009 – This is the RSU Election. As of this writing, there are no takers on the nomination petition for RSU director, and the papers are due on Monday!

April 7 & 8, 2009 - I'm starting to draft up this town meeting warrant, and a rough (very rough) draft will be in your packet

Ordinance Changes – Planning Board - the Board has this on their agenda Tuesday night. I've enclosed what changes have come to me so far in your packet, along with a copy of a memo from me to the Planning Board. I suspect we'll have something new, and I've put on the board's agenda to schedule a meeting with you at some point in the near future to discuss this.

Closed Shellfish Harvesting areas – An e-mail from Dick and a copy of the closure notice are in your packet.

Budget Update – Just a reminder that the recommendation meeting for the Budget Committee is Monday. I suspect this might prove interesting.

Flag Displays – I've called MMA, but the person we deal with is on vacation until next week, so I expect a callback then.

School Lot Delineation – Steve Salsbury has asked for a basic layout in order to come up with a cost. Brett drew one up for me, I did it electronically and e-mailed it to Steve and await his estimate.

Emergency Operations Plan – The Hancock County EMA (Emergency Management Agency) Office sent us some updated information to include in our plan. I've put that in –nothing at all drastic, mostly phone number updates. I've included the changes in your packet and request your approval.

Thank-you letters to road adopters – we have quite a long list of folks who've picked up litter around town in the last year, and I've not been diligent about sending thank-yous from the Board. I hope to have those done for the meeting, so be prepared to sign lots of letters!

Meeting Schedule – That's laid out on your agenda through April. Let me know if any changes are needed. I find it helpful for my schedule to know way in advance when the Board will meet.

That's it for this upcoming meeting. The next few weeks will be busy preparing the town report and the town meeting warrant.

See you on Thursday.