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For Meeting of January 22, 2008

Brrrrr. Hope everyone is able to stay warm! This might well be my least favorite time of year, between the cold, and the dirt on the roads being constantly tracked into the office, it's a challenge just to keep the floor clean.

You've got a relatively busy agenda and lots to talk about at your meeting.

1/8/09 Minutes As instructed by last meeting's vote, the draft version is on line (and in your packet). Any corrections will be made in the final version printed, filed, and posted. As always, written corrections are most helpful.

Warrant 16 There's nothing terribly unusual on here, and it should not rise significantly between now and then. The stuff at Lowe's included a new shop vac for the fire station (the other one burned while we were trying to extract water from the flag pole holes at the Veterans' memorial), some cleaning supplies for the town hall, and for a set of drill bits for a cable TV project.

Cash & Budget Report The lower excise tax trend is continuing. We should have a cash infusion in the next month with the 2 nd half property tax bills coming due.

Non-resident snowmobile agency The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife system requires that if we wish to register snowmobiles for non-residents, we must tell them so. I believe that probably requires authorization from the Board (it can't hurt). We get a request or two once in a while, and it's not a particular burden to the staff to be able to do this.

Meet with Fire Chief re: Brush Truck You asked for Skip to meet with you at the last meeting in regard to the possible purchase of a brush truck. If I'm successful, I'll compile a list of the maintenance we've put into the two trucks to be replaced. I've reworded the article on the proposed town meeting warrant to meet the format required to borrow money for a truck (lifted the language from last time, the figures were changed to reflect the expected cost).

Conservation Commission You asked to meet with the Conservation Commission a few meetings back, and this was the date they picked. I put a couple of related matters as subheadings, but I believe the discussion was to be general in nature.

Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone - Fred Stocking e-mailed the proposed ordinance that I believe was submitted to the Planning Board. I'm not sure what the request might be as to this proposed ordinance. This would be a good topic of discussion with the commission.

Thank-you letters, litter cleanup They're finally ready for signature. We should thank Georgia Munsell for coordinating this while we're at it!

Town Report Bids Several bids have come in. You will open them at the meeting, and possibly award the bid. I've put the ad in your packet.

Town Meeting Warrant Draft I've drafted up language for the town meeting warrant. Besides the usual budget and housekeeping articles, there are some that require special attention. I've listed out those ordinances the Planning Board is submitting for change. They've done up a primer on what is proposed to which I added the existing and proposed to be changed language.

One ordinance the Planning Board is not dealing with is the Elections and Assumption of Responsibilities Ordinance, which I've drafted up to extend the school committee seats until 6/30/09 whereupon the board dissolves and the school system is run by the RSU. This doesn't address any potential school advisory board I'm not sure what direction the powers that be wish to pursue in that regard.

I've e-mailed Steve Salsbury accepting the $475 version for the school lot delineation item and included it in the warrant, slightly re-writing the language as discussed last meeting.

As noted above, I've changed the fire truck article to reflect the Treasurer's statement as required. This was swiped from the 2003 article when we bought the previous truck.

Notice of Violation Update There's been a fair amount of behind the scenes jockeying in regard to the Board of Appeals. We have a meeting tentatively scheduled for February 25, 2009. We've been in touch with Tony Beardsley in that regard. Stay tuned.

Returnable Bottles Program There is no formal program set up at the transfer station for who gets to take away bottles, and what might benefit from that. I've drafted up a more formal program that would select a redemption center, identify legitimate beneficiaries and the method to distribute the funds. Let me know what you think.

Cell Phone Tower Update What appeared to be dead may not be entirely dead. I've put an e-mail from Verizon Wireless's engineer in your packet.

Flag Display Permits I've sent out an inquiry to the town management association and spoke with MMA insurance. Susan Caston of MMA says they would have to increase our entire policy for the higher limit, thus the expense. I'll compile the answers I get from other communities to pass along.

Ice Fishing Derby Correspondence with the parks commission and MMA Risk pool is in your packet. We should be all set with that.

RSU Update The RSU has sent agendas and schedules for the new RSU Board. It's in your packet.

Next Meetings I anticipate that you'll sign the town meeting warrant for April 2009 at one of the February meetings. The town report (which I'll be concentrating on next week) will have to be done for the 19 th .

That's all for now. See you Thursday.