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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 5, 2009

And another snowy day has descended upon us as I write this on Wednesday the 28th . It sure has seemed like a long winter this month.

The previous meeting created several tasks that requested more information on, and I hope that all of that information will be available to you for this coming meeting. We're in the process of sending out property tax reminder cards this week (that took a little while to reconcile), compiling the rest of the town report, and keeping dug out!

Minutes I got those done this morning. Please check them over for any errors and get corrections to me.

Warrant 17 I've only done payroll prior to writing this report up. There will be a school warrant signed on Monday, and I suspect we'll have to dig into the investment management account to cover that bill. Lots of fire department stuff on here as well.

Cash & Budget Report Again, this has not been done prior to this writing, so I don't have any analysis to offer.

Stale Dated Checks As noted last meeting, there are a number of small, stale dated checks that should be disposed of. The bank won't cash them if presented. I'll draw up an order and will recut the cemetery check on this warrant.

Recycling Costs This will be a separate report, and I've not gotten to that yet. It should be in your packet, and if it's done, I'll put a copy on line and put a link in.

Snow Plowing Contract I've put the letter to Nankervis in your packet. There was a request today from the Parks Commission that the access drive to the Anderson Garage be plowed out. David Herrick can do the driveway, but he can't cut through the bank on Route 184. Kerry suggested that Nankervis be hired to do that. Ted will take care of it .

RSU 24 A separate memo has been prepared for reconsideration of the vote to join the RSU. The bottom line is, you can't do it yet this has to be done by the Legislature.

The other item has to do with a local advisory board. There are several questions such as:

Returnable Bottle Program Since bringing this up last meeting there has been a great deal of interest in folks signing up for it. You have not yet approved it, but I would anticipate that you could do it this meeting. I've not spoken to Lamoine Redemption about it yet.

Notice of Violation Fine Process A separate memo has been prepared on this as well.

Town Meeting 4/09 I've added the language for the Veterans Memorial Committee's loan forgiveness. Please look over the warrant, and any specific changes needed have to be added meeting night, as I would like you to sign it at the next meeting.

School Lot Delineation Steve Salsbury has done up two preliminary designs and has asked you to pick one. They are in your packet.

Citizen of Year Plaque Let's discuss the wording on this and whether we want two plaques (one for the recipient and a running plaque to display at the town hall)

Town Report After getting positive recommendations from both Machias and Lincoln about Xpress Copy, I decided to award them the contract. The cost doesn't include shipping (which was not specified). I've spoken with them, and they'll be set to go after your next meeting, and it should be just a few days turnaround.

The latest draft is in your packets. I'm not done yet, but close. We won't have a school budget, I've e-mailed for a school department report. Once I finish formatting the treasurer's report, the rest is pretty much cut and paste. I hope to have it nearly finalized by your meeting. What's done so far is in your packet.

Requests The DMR is looking for shellfishing information so red tide closures can be more specific and maybe keep the flats open.

InforME, the on-line registration service, wants to know if we're interested in offering boat registration on line.

I've put the information from both agencies in your packet.

Vacation Dates for me it's been a while since I've actually taken a real vacation day. I would like to request the week of July 13, 2009 and the week of December 28, 2009 (both are in the next fiscal year). These coincide with my wife's vacation dates.

Next meetings Unless you were really paying close attention to the previous agendas, the dates I'd listed in April were on a Friday! I've adjusted those to Thursday. Between the regular two meetings and the town meeting, I don't think you need to meet on the 30th of April (but you never know!).