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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 19, 2009

I'm writing this on Wednesday morning, as tomorrow is Election Day (again), and I plan to get the town report finished up shortly. It's nice to see some actual snow melting going on, but the banks are still very high and parking is at a premium here at the town hall.

The 2nd half of property taxes are starting to come in nicely and our cash situation is OK for now. Basketball season has pretty much ended for me in an official's capacity, though I hope to take in a lot of tournament action next week as the radio station has asked me to do periodic reports. So you know, some of those may likely be generated from the town office.

Minutes Please look them over as always, written corrections are appreciated.

Warrant 18 There is nothing unusual on here as of this writing. The Brookside bill clears out the Cable TV Upgrade. There is a school payroll on here.

We were reimbursed for the December RSU election as billed to the school department. I did not put in any payment yet for me as moderator and based the cost on 13-hours at $20/hour. I've moderated all the various school validation referenda, but have not charged the town (though it's many hours in addition my normal work schedule). I would ask permission to include the $260 on warrant 19.

Cash & Budget Report I'm writing this before printing the report. As mentioned above, the 2 nd half tax payments are starting to come in at a pretty steady clip. Also included in your packet is the First Advisors investments report.

Checking Reconciliation This is in your packet. The stale dated checks will be removed in the February reconciliation.

Recycling Cost Analysis That report is also in your packet. It's not very fancy, but should give an idea of what the cost and benefits are to recycling.

Town Meeting This is being written the day before voting. My bold prediction is that turnout will be dismally low, and we'll have a write in winner.

The warrant for the April annual town meeting is ready for you to sign based on the changes you asked for last meeting. If you spot anything ahead of time that needs to be changed, please let me know so that a correct version will be ready for your signature at the meeting.

Heating Fuel Lock-In At this week's League of Towns meeting one of the managers said No Frills Oil (which has our contract this year) was offering a lock in for 09/10. I called, they've sent the paper work to do that at $2.199. We're currently at $3.61/gallon, and I budgeted for $4 for 09/10. I would recommend locking in, and they need that back by 2/20/09 if we're going to do it. This would save the town $4,500 on next year's budget (we could amend the budget at town meeting time!).

Roads The revised snow plowing contract will be in your packet and ready for signature.

I've put a print out of asphalt prices in your packet as well as a discussion among the Maine Town & City Management Association. It's quite relevant to your discussion of paving. Roger Picard has measured up the road and dropped his bill and contract off for signature. We may have a chicken/egg thing here if we sign the contract and then town meeting doesn't approve funding, what happens? If we don't move now, will the costs be significantly higher if town meeting does approve funding.

Roger said he planned to speak to Tim Ring about his ability to bid on the paving projects as well. I'm not sure what the outcome of that was.

Jo asked if we could meet with Dennis on the road maintenance schedule. I've put the capital improvement plan in your packet (as requested last meeting) and will ask Dennis if he can attend.

Town Report I'm waiting on a report from the Veterans Memorial Committee and Rob Eaton, which will finish it out. I've added some commentary in the budget section to explain why there is no school budget included. I cut out the bottom lines on the budget, because it shows a huge tax decrease (there is no school budget yet), and that would be misleading. Instead of individual pictures of you, I used the group shot. I've not asked the school for art work this year as filler didn't really think about it until now. I don't have any historical tidbits either, but will e-mail Anne Stocking this afternoon for some.

Cable TV Equipment Update The equipment is all installed and working. I've been playing with it a bit when I can find a few minutes. The really neat thing is that it can switch to a live shot on a particular schedule and record whatever's happening. While that takes away the absolute need for someone to be here to put a meeting on the air and start recording, it could also be a surprise if a meeting doesn't realize they're on TV. My plan is to let the CTV Committee know and to have a training session with them, and to let the board chairs know about the potential for airing their meetings live without anyone present.

School Issues In your packet is an e-mail that went out to the school committee and their responses back. My suggestion is that you meet with the school committee on Monday, March 3, 2009 at 7PM following their regular business meeting. The other two matters listed under this category are the two things to discuss with them.

Policies The Returnable Containers program will be ready for signature. My next stop is to put in the proper language and draft up an application

We talked about a building use policy after the Democrat Caucus last year filled the joint to overflowing. That's been put off for a while. I'll put that draft in your packet.

We should also have an e-mail retention policy. I'll attempt to pull some other town's offline to show you what I'm talking about. I currently have about 14-thousand e-mail files on this computer, most of which should be deleted.

That's it for this meeting. I hope you voted on the 12th (if the packets are ready, I'll give them to you!).