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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 5, 2009

I'm hopeful that everyone has their power restored. As I write on Wednesday the 25th , Bangor Hydro reported only two outage areas in Lamoine, a significant improvement. It was quite a storm Sunday Night/Monday morning. I cut up a few trees before coming into the office on Monday just so vehicles could pass on the public roads safely. We didn't lose power for any significant amount of time at the town office, but cable (and subsequently telephone) went out Monday for a few hours. I used the town's cell phone and the Secretary of State's fax line for what communications were needed. The Red Cross called to ask if we could put up one family in a motel for the night because a child required a piece of medical equipment. I approved that, but I think their power was restored before they had to bug out.

We had one call at 2:15 AM on Monday morning for a live wire in the road, and another medical call that was carbon monoxide related later that morning. The gentleman in the CO incident survived, but is hospitalized.

I did up a list of trees that need to be removed, and that's enclosed in your materials.

Don't forget your joint meeting with the school board on Monday the 2nd !!!

Minutes Please look them over and make the usual written corrections if possible.

Warrant 19 Among other things, your 2nd half checks are in here. The bill for Harald Huebner's tree removal efforts on Shore Road is here as well (that probably paid for itself Monday!). There will be a couple of bills from Mike Jordan here too, one for shoveling off the roof at the fire station we've had leaking issues because of the ice dams that have built up this winter. The Nankervis payment is due the 28 th and that will be paid per contract agreement with salt and the electrical work at the shed deducted. As we've accumulated a sizeable amount of cash, there will be a transfer to the investment management account on here.

Cash & Budget Report I haven't run it yet, but I don't expect any surprises since last week.

Checking Account Reconciliation I'll give that to you on Monday night and it'll be ready for approval on Thursday.

Pavement Management Services Contract I spoke with Roger Picard, and he said there was no problem if we have to drop out. I've hand written that in the contract, and will compose a letter to go with it.

Contract Revision Verizon Wireless We got the contract documents from VZW for the revised lease (moving the tower site a bit). I've put the cover letter explaining what few changes there are in your packet, and would recommend signature. They asked about the new easement to Gott and I e-mailed the plan back and explained that it extinguishes the Gott easement up the road they'll be using for tower access.

County Ambulance There is a letter and new contract extension with County Ambulance . It speaks for itself I make no recommendation one way or the other.

Mailbox Damage We've had a number of inquiries from folks who've had their mailboxes damaged, and I've compiled a good deal of information from MMA and the town managers' association on it. I've been referring all calls to Nankervis Trucking and have let them know of those who've called here.

Donation Program I spoke with Stacey Curtis and sent him a copy of the program that was approved. I await hearing back from him.

We have one application that came in before final approval it's from Downeast Horizons. If you approve, March would be their month.

Shore & Harbor Grant Any thoughts? I just got a phone call from Eastern Maine Development Corporation and they're looking for a 20-acre parcel of land for an aquaculture company that wants to build a 30-million dollar facility and create 100-jobs. I suggested possibly the piece across from the town hall or out by Mud Creek. I don't think this would be a use for that grant program, but maybe some engineering on how to fix the ramp at Lamoine Beach could be.

Recycling Report I've got the information needed just need to poke it into the computer for the State Planning Office. I hope to have that done by the time the packet's put together.

Building Use Policy I've gone through the policy pretty closely and substituted the word user for renter. Some other grammar issues were cleaned up. A final draft is in your packet for your approval, unless more changes are needed, in which case it can be put off until the 19 th .

E-mail Retention Policy My plan is to have a draft done by Friday. If it is, it'll be in your packet. If not, it will be ready on Monday and handed out at that meeting for initial reaction.

Other Business We got a memo from MDOT re: infrastructure and the stimulus money. That's in your packet.

See you Monday and Thursday!