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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 19, 2009

I hope March is treating you well. The melting snow is nice to see perhaps sometime this month the south side of the town hall sign will be visible once again!

You have a fairly aggressive agenda for the 19 th ; lots of people have been invited to meet with you.

Minutes There are two sets, one from the joint meeting with the school committee on the 2nd , and the regular meeting minutes from the 5th .

Warrant 20 This may be a relatively small one mostly payroll and school payroll, solid waste transportation and the town report bill. Nothing unusual of note.

Cash & Budget Reports Revenues continue to track well below budgeted levels. Expenses are mostly in line.

Excise Tax Analysis I've prepared an extensive projection report on Excise taxes through the end of the fiscal year, and it's not pretty. It is in your packet.

Planning Board School/FD Lot The Planning Board sent a letter which is in your packet. You had asked for a legal opinion and I've fired off an e-mail to Tony and to MMA seeking that. Two members requested to meet with the Planning Board before town meeting, and I've e-mailed them asking them to do so.

Board of Assessors I've asked Jane to update you on the status of the appeals by Maine Coast Baptist Church and Barbara Davis to the Board of Property Tax Review. I've also asked her to bring Jay with her.

Returnables Program I met with Stacey Curtis and he's willing to do the returnable program. I suggested a written agreement, and will be drafting that up as soon as I get the Selectmen's Packet together, and hope to have that in your packet.

Applications We have applications from the 8th grade class, Frenchman Bay Riders, and I expect one from Cynthia for Special Childrens' Friends. I've put a letter to Downeast Horizons in your packet regarding their application.

School Advisory Committee Ordinance The 1st draft is in your packet. Supt. Omar Norton and I will be working on the on the 19th , and a revision will be ready for you that evening. I strongly urge that you go over this as well and get any suggested changes back to me ASAP.

Lamoine Beach Boat Ramp There is a pile of correspondence with a couple of state agencies on this bottom line, the project is not viable we might even want to consider a grant to pull it out!

GA Ordinance Update The food maximums have changed thanks to the federal stimulus package. DHHS has asked you to update the ordinance to reflect that.

Lamoine Quarterly I'll be working on that beginning on Friday the 13th (ominous?). Hopefully a few pages will be available for your meeting.

Meeting Schedule A schedule is printed on the agenda through June. Baseball season is starting up for me in mid-April, so I really need to know what dates I'm not available.

That's all for this meeting. I hear candidate's night is on the 31st of March I presume PATRONS has contacted all candidates. I've agreed to moderate the session.