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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of April 2, 2009

Wow, I can see bare ground outside my office window finally!

This is your last official meeting in this town meeting cycle. Good luck to all who are running for office. You have my utmost respect for taking the time to serve your community.

Minutes of March 19, 2009 Written corrections are most appreciated as always.

Warrant 21 So far not much on there payroll & payroll taxes, mileage for Mo Oliver who went to Aroostook County to research brush trucks. We had to refill the pads for the defibrillator at the fire department after using a set on a rescue call. They're not cheap!

Cash & Budget Report Revenues continue to run well behind budget. Thankfully, so do many of the expenses I don't think anything will go over the expense budget this year.

Impact of Excise Tax Referendum Question I prepared an analysis that I think should fairly reflect what would happen to town revenues if the referendum passes. It's a separate memo. I'm not sure what other towns are looking at for an impact, but with the system we use, this actually was pretty easy to prepare.

County Ambulance Meeting Dan Bahr should be at your meeting. I've put the proposed contract extension in your packet.

Sweeping Bid We've got a lot of road sand to clean up this spring. I'll have a request for bids ready to go if you're ready for this to go out.

Tree Debris Removal Several trees that came down in the last heavy snow storm continue to encroach into the shoulders. We've asked Harald Huebner to clean them up. It probably will be done by your meeting.

Posting Roads We didn't post the roads this year most of them are already isolated by state and city of Ellsworth postings. This is getting to be kind of late for posting, but we can talk about it.

Frost Heaves There are a couple of doozies on Buttermilk Road . I asked Dennis if he could get some temporary fill in them to lessen the impact. We had complaints.

Paving Dennis & I went to a workshop on paving the day of the previous Selectmen's meeting. What I took away from this was that putting out a paving bid is a very complex process that is better left to someone who really knows what they are doing. They did suggest having an asphalt price escalator in the bid document. It was also suggested that paving in the spring months has become a better time because asphalt prices tend to be lower then. This is a relatively recent development because until last summer, the price of asphalt had been relatively stable. We learned a lot about how asphalt is made it's actually a waste product in the gas/oil refining process. As refineries squeeze more product out of crude, less asphalt is left over, thus the shortage and the higher price. The higher the price of crude, the less asphalt there is because refineries are trying to get the most out of the product that they can.

There was also quite a discussion about reclaiming roads (basically, roto-tilling the surface with a big grinder down to the base surface and stabilizing the base, then paving over that so that the cracking isn't occurring as quickly. It's not cheap, but will give a much longer surface life, and with proper ditching make the road less susceptible to heaving and pot holes.

Town Meeting School Lot I've never heard back from Tony on this. I'm not sure if Brett has had a chance to follow up with the school, John Holt , the fire chief and anyone else interested. So far, all I've got is the original plan submitted by Steve Salsbury.

Budget Amendments With the pre-purchase of heating oil, there are some budget amendments you could offer from the floor. I'll lay those out for you at the meeting.

Power Point As soon as I get this packet together, I'll be doing up the power point presentation for the Town Meeting. I hope to have that ready for your meeting, and we can make any changes you think are needed.

Selectmen Salaries/Chair Jo asked that this be on the agenda at the previous meeting. I've prepared a memo on some aspects of the Board chair, which is required by both state law and local policy.

As far as salaries go, those are set by town meeting, though you write them into the article. If you collectively think some change ought to be made, you can discuss that and propose it to the town meeting on the 8 th .

Policies Building Use Applications - We have a nice building use policy now, but no application. The policy also makes reference to an indemnity agreement. I've drafted up both and will have those in your packet.

E-Mail Retention Policy - You got the draft a couple of meetings back. I've put another copy in your packets. Please make any changes you'd like to see and we can set a date for final implementation.

Memorandum of Understanding I'm waiting to hear from Stacey Curtis, but early indications are he was fine with the first draft. The markups submitted by Cynthia and Dick have been incorporated in the 2 nd draft which is in your packet.

Excise Tax Review Policy According to this policy, you are to review it every three years. Guess what 3 years are up! It's in your packet.

Local School Advisory Committee Ordinance I spoke at length with Bill Webster this week after making the changes you requested last meeting. He really likes the proposed ordinance after talking about the budget process a bit to make sure he understands the same thing we think we understand. I believe the school committee will discuss this on the 6 th as well. We're not far from having this ready to go to town meeting.

Unlicensed Dog Warrant I'll have this in your packet with the list of unlicensed dogs. The number is up significantly this spring. We sent reminders after the grace period expired January 31 st . Some folks were not happy that we waited until the late fee was imposed to send reminders. Those who've not licensed the dogs will be subject to an even bigger warrant fee when Mike Arsenault has to serve the notices.

Cell Phone Tower Still looking good for this to go. The attorney in charge of permitting spoke with me at length yesterday about the Planning Board process. I gave him Gordon Donaldson's home number, as he wants the process to move a bit faster, eliminating the pre-application process. I asked about the signed leases, and he said he would look into that.

Executive Session In the packets of the actual elected officials are materials related to a personnel matter. Sorry non-elected candidates, I can't put these materials in your packet yet.

I look forward to a productive meeting. Don't forget candidate's night is on Tuesday the 31st at the school. I've been asked to moderate it.