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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 16, 2009

Congratulations to Gary McFarland & Jo Cooper for garnering the most votes on Election Day. Turnout was good, the candidates themselves waged a good, clean campaign. There were no incidents at the town hall on Election Day and everything went relatively smoothly!

The open town meeting was a civilized affair as well, one of the faster ones that we've seen. There were a couple of comments from folks either voting or attending the open meeting that they didn't think attendance was very good. I would counter that compared to many communities our size, attendance was very good. To have a 25% voter turnout for a municipal election is rare statewide! We had 97 at the open meeting, and given there were no school issues on the agenda, that was pretty remarkable.

A reminder that Cynthia will not be able to attend this meeting. We have some important matters to take care of, but I do not foresee anything that should take up a lot of time.

This is the one meeting a year that I briefly get to run things as the Deputy Town Clerk. I'll try not to go wild with power!

Oath of Office – If I haven't caught up with you at town meeting we'll get you sworn in prior to the start of official action at the Selectmen's meeting. This applies to Gary & Jo.

Freedom of Access Act – required training – Gary , as an elected official, you are required by law to receive training in the Freedom of Access Act (Right to Know Law). In your packet will be the required training materials. Please go through it, and when you are done, please sign the signature page and return it to me for our files. If you have any questions about anything to do with this, please let me know.

Elected Officials Workshop – Maine Municipal Association holds an excellent workshop for folks who are relatively new to the office. I've put a flyer in everyone's packet. If you can, and would like, to attend, please let me know so we can sign you up. I would especially encourage Kermit & Gary to attend, as they are newer board members.

Chair Selection – As per procedure, the Board selects a chair for the year (running through the next annual town meeting). I will run this process, and once the chair is selected, that person will take over the meeting.

Minutes of April 2, 2009 – Please look these over carefully. It was a difficult meeting, and it was difficult to write up. I'll leave it at that.

Warrant 22 – This is pretty sizeable due to the school operations warrant. The final contract payment for the winter plowing is also on here.

Cash & Budget Report - The expenditure budget is about where it ought to be. Revenues are down, as expected. With one quarter left to go, it is likely that our fund balance (surplus) will take a hit because of lower than projected revenues.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The reconciliation for March 2009 is in your packet for review.

Investment Management Account Report – This report from The First Advisors is also in your packet.

Selectboard Procedures – While this is done annually since the board changes annually, I've not proposed nor has any Board member proposed any change to the procedures.

Fee Schedule –Some slight adjustments are proposed to the fee schedule (lowering phone call and fax fees as our long distance is essentially free).

Disbursement Policy – A couple of changes to this policy are included to plan for RSU payments that might be due between meetings.

Road Sweeping Bids – As of this writing we've received two sealed bids. The general process is to open them, read them, and possibly award. Since the bid requires the job to be done by 5/31/09, I would suggest you award the job at this meeting.

Incompatibility of Offices – I've place a separate memo pack in you packet. I would suggest that since this involves a specific Board member that discussion be tabled until your next meeting to ensure that the member will be present.

Electronic Communications Retention Policy – The latest draft is in your packet. The changes discussed at the last meeting were included. You might wish to wait for the full contingent for this as well.

RFP's – Toilet Maintenance – The RFP Kerry & I have devised is in your packet. This should go out post-haste as the summer season is fast approaching!

VZW Tower Update – This is on the Planning Board agenda for Tuesday. If you can attend, I would encourage it.

Town Meeting Follow Up – All four ordinance changes passed rather easily. I'll have the ordinance copies for you to sign, officially putting them into effect. To save paper I have not put copies in your packet – just the summary of the changes handed out at town meeting. If you wish to have a copy, please let me know. I'll have that by Tuesday.

Budget Update - I'll also have an update on the budget that was approved at town meeting. In reviewing what was passed and what was in the spreadsheet budget, there is one discrepancy in the amount passed for capital projects. That can be resolved at the upcoming special town meeting for local school/school advisory committee. The recommended amount of $34,000 should be reduced slightly because of the last minute change in the amount of the fire truck loan – originally budgeted at $15,000 but reduced to $8,400 (a reduction of $6,600).

Fire Truck Purchase Process – Mo Oliver called this (Thursday) morning as I was doing up the agenda. To be able to order a 2009 chassis, we'll have to have it done by April 30 th . He and I will do up an RFP for a chassis on Monday and present that to you on Thursday. The suggestion from Mo is that this be sent out for bids ASAP, due back no later than April 29 th and awarded at a special meeting so the chassis can be ordered.

Special Town Meeting – The local additional school budget will be developed by the present school committee. They discussed this at their last meeting and David Bridgham will attend the meeting on May 4 th to help that process along. The local school advisory committee ordinance will also be on this agenda. And, as noted above, the budget adjustment needed could be included on this warrant. I would dearly like to have this meeting around the same time as the RSU budget meeting so that the validation referendum questions can take place on the same day! The trouble is, we don't know when the RSU meeting/referendum will take place.

Next Meetings – The May & June meetings are laid out. Traditionally we have cut back to meetings once a month for July and August. If you would like to set those meeting dates now, that would be great, if not, that's fine too!

We are getting to performance review and contract negotiation time, and you might want to lay out a schedule for that under this item.

Executive Session – I've asked the transfer station manager to be here to negotiate a contract extension since his expired in December. I would encourage all sides to hold this in executive session as has been tradition.

We'll see you on Thursday!