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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 7, 2009

Hard to believe we're in the final two months of the fiscal year. Believe it or not, it's been relatively quiet at the town office, though business has picked up a bit. Your agenda isn't too bad either – this ought to be an interesting meeting.

Don't forget you've got a school board meeting on Monday the 4th at 5:30 PM to talk about the local advisory committee ordinance.

Minutes – You've got two sets to look over – April 16 and April 27. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 24 – I'm writing this on Tuesday the 28th following your signing of warrant 23, so I've not really started it yet. There will be a school operations bill on here which will boost up the warrant. Payroll and school payroll will also be on here.

Cash & Budget Report - Looking over yesterday's report shows no real change in revenue trends. We're looking OK on the expense side on most things and I'm not planning any major projects in the last two months, so we might be able to save some on expenses and keep the fund balance somewhat intact.

Sculpture Symposium – Cynthia has invited Jesse Salisbury to the meeting and apparently he has a video presentation. I'll try to run the TV cameras during that.

Lamoine Beach Park bids – I've not received any back on maintaining the outhouse at the Beach. Kerry has some ideas if we don't get any.

Contract – Transfer Station Manager – I've drafted up a contract with the changes discussed at the last regular meeting. Bill Fennelly is reviewing it and I await word on whether it's acceptable. Copies are in your packet.

Policy Update – Bulletin Boards – I will have drafted an “enforcement” section for this policy as discussed at a prior meeting.

Guaranteed Annual Tonnage – PERC – we guarantee that we'll ship 610-tons of trash to the PERC plant. Last year we came in short by just over 10-tons. This is a chance to reduce that guarantee (or increase if need be). I would suggest reducing our guarantee to 600 tons.

Town Hall Sign – I'm intrigued by the signs the Parks Commission is getting done for the Kiosk. The sign outside town hall is starting to flake apart. We had this made in July 2007 at a cost of about $300 (prior to installation). I'm curious how much the same company that is making the kiosks would charge to do up a new sign for the town hall. Is that something you would like to explore?

RSU/LAC – There are several issues on the immediate horizon in regard to school consolidation. You should follow up your discussion with the School Committee with any final changes to the ordinance before it goes to the voters. If there are school lot delineation issues, this too should be discussed soon. Scheduling a special town meeting for the additional education budget and the local advisory committee ordinance should be done right to get that done before the fiscal year changes July 1 st .

I've put the last few reports from RSU # 24 superintendent Bill Webster in your packets. It looks like there will be a budget vote meeting on May 26 th , but the validation referendum has not been scheduled yet. If that's the case, I'm thinking the special town meeting could take place on the 27 th for the additional budget, the ordinance, and a correction to the capital improvements budget. We could have the validation referendum for that meeting at the same time.

Conflict of Interest – This is an item postponed until the full board could be present in regard to service on the planning board by the spouse of a Selectman.

Goals, Roles, Rules, and Procedures – Last (Monday) night Cynthia suggested this might be a good meeting to discuss Board procedure. I'd like to see some goals for the next year as well – even if it's just to hold the course.

Meeting Schedule – We've tried one meeting for July and one in August in prior summers and that didn't work so well last year due to the myriad of school budget votes. I'm suggesting 3 in the 2-month period instead with 3-weeks between meetings. These will mesh around vacation weeks previously approved for me. Let's discuss the schedule.

Executive Session – It's time to do employee evaluations and contract discussions again. I'm proposing that you start with me and we'll move forward from there. I'm leaning toward some substantial changes in both job description and contract and will lay those out in a separate memo.

See you on the 7th .