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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 21, 2009

The tulips are in bloom, the weather's nice; boy…I'm in a good mood. We placed the new flags on the Veterans' graves today, and the fiscal year is winding down.

Remember, we're starting out with a special town meeting at the town hall before the Selectmen's meeting. I would suggest that Jo be elected as Moderator and she can moderate the meeting's one question. Frankly, this might be the shortest town meeting on record, unless there is something I don't know about.

May 7th Minutes – The conflict of interest discussion is fairly complex. Please do your usually fine work in editing and written corrections.

Warrant 25 – A school payroll will be on here next week, as will the town payroll. Presently, the biggest bills are for water testing and trash disposal. Roger Picard's paving setup fee is on here as well.

Cash & Budget Report – As Dick detected last meeting, excise tax collections are picking up as summer approaches. We'll still be below budget, but it's not as bad has we were trending in February. Same with interest (except the revenues are not picking up – at least we're not losing money!).

Checking Reconciliation – The checking account balanced with the General Ledger and the bank with no problem at all.

30-Day Notices – As the policy you approved last year required, we sent notices to all taxpayers who owed amounts of less than $10-dollars. We've received some of those payments in as of 5/13/09. I anticipate that once we fully reconcile the individual balances to the ledger amount, we'll be sending out the 30-day notices by the end of May. I'm trying to avoid prior to May 25 th because we get into a foreclosure date of Christmas.

First Advisors Report – A copy of the monthly investment report is in your packet.

Conflict of Interest Inquiry – The message from MMA in regard to the questions is in your packet if you haven't checked your e-mail. As Cynthia termed it, this was actually just a tempest in a teapot. The task for you is to decide how to respond to the initial inquiry. I'll try drafting up a letter that should take care of it relatively simply.

Policies – Both the Electronic Records Retention Policy (which I neglected to get on the agenda last meeting) and the update of the Displays Policy have been finalized for approval and signature and are in your packets.

7:30 PM – Meeting with Bill Webster – If you haven't checked your e-mail, Mr. Webster has very kindly responded to the various questions you posed. He'll be here around 7:30 to meet with you on the topics listed on the agenda. I've put his response in your packet.

Water Testing Results – It's almost eerie how consistent the water tests around the landfill have been over the years. Might you want to write to the DEP and suggest that maybe the tests could be done every two years instead? This isn't cheap (approx $5,700 when it's all totaled up!).

Privy Maintenance – The Parks Commission is likely to recommend that this be done by staff – I've spoken to Bill Fennelly and he's willing to do this at his regular hourly rate – and that would work out to less than the lowest bid, and the Parks Commission might be more satisfied with the work done. I don't know that this will be the final recommendation, but I've talked about it at length with Kerry Galeaz.

Town Meeting Warrant – June 24th . – I've got the extra tuition figures from Union 92 and have drafted the warrant. The Budget Committee wants to meet on this on June 15 th . A copy is in your packet. I've asked David Bridgham for advice on the wording but have yet to hear back from him. I'll call him later this week.

Executive Session – Jennifer is the first this year to have her performance review from you. The blank forms are in your packet – fill them out the best you can so she can have a copy and they can be filed. The budget has built in a substantial raise this year for this position to put it on a more equal footing with other similar sized communities. I'll search for that section of the administration budget and that can be the basis for starting compensation discussions.

I'll also have drafted up a 3-year contract for me with all but the job description which you are still reviewing.

Your last two meetings of the fiscal year in June will have Diane on the 4 th and Dennis Ford on the 18 th . Mike Arsenault would also like to propose some changes to his contract as Animal Control Officer – I'm not sure which date he would prefer.

The performance reviews and contract negotiations should take place in executive session, but any vote to approve a contract would take place in open session.

We will see you Thursday at 7PM.