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Administrative Assistant's Report

Meeting of June 4, 2009

Greetings from the bustling town office. Business has picked up, many summer residents are starting to return. We had a nice, short, Memorial Day ceremony here at the town hall that was well attended. The town is looking pretty sharp road cleaners have been out at various times picking up their Adopt-a-road sections. Dick Fennelly got the flags up before Memorial Day. The school budget passed as proposed we just await the validation referendum on June 9 th .

Your agenda is relatively short.

Minutes Please look them over. It was tough taking notes on the school budget part to try to make sense of a very complex issue. Written edits are most appreciated.

Warrant 26 The version in your packet is very short and small it will be much larger in the amount of expenditure as the school board meets Monday and I expect a large operations warrant due to the MDI High tuition bill. There will have to be a transfer from investments. Currently the biggest bill on the warrant is mileage reimbursement for me from January through mid-May.

Cash & Budget Report With a little over a month left in the fiscal year we are lagging behind in excise tax, but at a lower rate than we were earlier. Investment interest is way off. I expect property tax interest will pick up as we send out .

30-day Notices I'm writing this on Thursday. We'll send out 100 30-day unpaid tax notices on real estate taxes total unpaid is roughly $71,000. There are also four personal property tax bills from this year that are unpaid totaling $252.90. This is not a significantly higher amount than usual. Folks will have 30-days to pay in full or a lien will be filed on the property tax.

Credit/Debit Card Acceptance I've put a copy of the law the Legislature passed allowing municipalities to pass along merchant fees to the card users. I am asking for authorization to pursue, through out bank (The First) acceptance of credit/debit cards. There might be some cost for the machine to do this, and I'm not sure if we'll have to add a phone line to do it or not. I don't want to do anything until the Board says OK.

Honor Graduates I'll have certificates drawn up for the following folks:

MDI High School

Emily Crotteau (Valedictorian!)
Katie Bowman
Tyler Crawford
Samuel Spruce
Cara Weber

Ellsworth High School

Justin Harding
Lauren Kief
Brooke Mouland
Casey Wyman

We have a big crop of graduates this year!

General Assistance The proposed Interlocal Agreement for Fair Hearing Authority is in your packet. I'll also copy the section of the ordinance that has to do with Fair Hearings. In my time here, we've had two.

We passed the GA Audit with flying colors. The examiner's letter is in your packet.

Contracts I've got contract proposals for both myself and Jennifer in your packets as negotiated last meeting. I've done a lot of work on mine, including elimination of most of the carried forward vacation from previous contracts, and an enumeration of the sick time carry forward (this will help with the audit).

The only point that hasn't been settled is the job description. A copy of my previous memo regarding my duties is in your packet. I don't have any trouble discussing that in open session.

Personnel Appointments June 30th . The list of expiring appointments is in your packet. The request from me will be whether you wish for me to contact those folks whose terms expire to see whether they wish to continue.

School Budget Update As mentioned at the top of this report, the budget passed as proposed by the RSU Board. The validation referendum is June 9 th . I will be out of town for the open of the voting Jennifer can act as moderator. This is the only issue on the ballot that day, and a single team of counters should be able to quickly handle the tally.

Paving Update Roger Picard says the price of asphalt continues to be relatively low, and he expects to possibly pave the 1 st or 2 nd week of June.

Goals As requested, a separate sheet listing the goals you established in May has been produced. A discussion of one goal item will be each agenda for the coming meetings. The idea here is to take the goal (this time it's reducing taxes, identifying other revenues), and come up with a potential plan or sub goals to implement. This should be a fun, free wheeling idea and thought provoking process. Bring your ideas!

Town Meeting Timing - Jo asked that this be put on the agenda to respond to a citizen who had a concern that town meeting occurred on Passover this year.

Performance Reviews Diane Carter is up for review and negotiation. I'll try to put in the sheet with the budget calculation for 09/10, and she has filled out her self evaluation. She'll be with you for the meeting in executive session.

See you on Thursday.