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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 18, 2009

Wow, this is the last meeting of the fiscal year. I look forward to 2009/10 as having far fewer town meetings! Looking back at last year, I count 12 town meetings and voting days. That's a lot. Now that the RSU budget has been passed and validated, I'm in hopes that after the special meeting in June, we're done with town meetings until next Spring!

You've got a fair amount of business to take care of to wrap up the year – and much of your work will carry forward to the July 2 nd meeting.

Minutes – Keep those written corrections coming!

Warrant 27 –There are a few things on here that have been purchased ahead of signature. The monitor for the Cable TV computer died – I replaced it with the least expensive one I could find ($126). There is a big mailing for Verizon Wireless public hearing (they'll reimburse us), and some other postage. Payroll will be on here (as well as a school payroll). We should have enough in the checking account to run through the end of the fiscal year without any further transfer from investments. The last of the water testing bills are on here as well.

Cash & Budget Report – We're tracking pretty well with the fiscal year on expenses. Revenues remain a problem, but not as bleak as it was earlier in the year. We'll have enough cash for a while – I'm not sure what the impact of the RSU bills will be, though.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The reconciliation is in your packet.

Encumbrance Order – This will be for projects that were authorized or carried forward in 2008/09 but not completed. The Parks Commission kiosks will be on the order. I'm not sure what else….most of the encumbered items from last June will be likely allowed to expire.

Investment Accounts – The report is in your packet. We're not earning much, but at least it's a positive balance.

30-day notice update – of the 100 notices we sent on May 28, 72 remain unpaid. They still have until June 27 th before liens are filed. I believe all the mortgage companies have paid.

Shellfish Harvesting Ordinance Request – Jim Norris would like to discuss the possibility of developing a shellfishing ordinance and his concerns about the impact of out of town diggers on Lamoine's mud flats.

Fire Truck Body Specs – It's getting close to truck delivery time which means we need to bid out the body specs. The fire department is supposedly nearly done working those out, but I've not got them yet. I hope to get them Tuesday night, and ready to advertise with bids due on the 2 nd of July.

Recycling Report – The state's recycling report is in your packets.

Personnel – I've done up Diane's contract – the only change is the pay rate. I'll do up a letter accepting Kathy DeFusco's resignation from the Veterans Memorial Committee. I'm slowly getting back reappointment confirmations on personnel and will have a separate list for you of those that have confirmed thus far. Most of the contacts have been via e-mail.

As requested last meeting, I've made some slight changes to the proposed Administrative Assistant job description. A separate memo is in your packet.

June 24, 2009 Town Meeting – We're set to go. I expect the big discussion will be the secondary school tuition. Jon Morren brought up whether this should be in the education or the municipal budget, and I speculated as to whether this should be added to the LD-1 override if it's in the municipal budget. Beats me!

Flag Policy – We've had a donation of $50 for a flag in the memory of Carrie Tracy. The policy (which I've enclosed) is not real clear on whether we actually add a flag to the “fleet” or simply display the name in the town hall for 5-years. If we do add a flag, where should it go? Let's talk about it.

Pest Control – We're getting a very large ant population at the town office property – especially between the bricks at the memorial. I'd like to contact a pest control company to get an estimate on taking care of this problem safely (no polluting the well!). I'm looking for your permission to do so.

Lamoine Quarterly – I've not started it yet – I hope to have something for your meeting.

Celebrating Community Identity Goal – This is the 2 nd (you kinda combined two goals into one last meeting) goal you listed.

Kelly Henry Commendation – As you know, Kelly won the regional Modern Woodman speech contest and will compete for the national title. She recorded her entry here at the town office this week and it went very well. I also did a radio interview with her while she was here. I'll do up a nice certificate.

Next Meetings – On July 2 nd we'll finish off the fiscal year stuff, and make any more appointments that might be needed.

Mike Arsenault will be in on the 2 nd to talk about potential contract changes for the ACO.

Personnel Matter – Dennis' review will be at this meeting. An evaluation form is in your packet.

That's all for now. High School baseball season is over for me (American Legion starts next week!) I will see you on Thursday.