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Lamoine Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of July 2, 2009

We're going to start early with executive sessions to do job reviews with Mike Jordan and Mike Arsenault. I'm in hopes these won't take you past 7-o'clock!

Happy New (Fiscal) Year! This will wrap up a lot of work from FY 2009 and begin work of FY 2010. Allow me to go over some of the highlights of FY 2009 we accomplished a lot:

I look forward to a challenging year ahead as well!

June 18, 2009 Minutes I'm sure I can't keep up the no error streak started the previous meeting. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 28 This is the final warrant of the current fiscal year. Contract remainders for me and Dennis Ford are on here. There will be some hefty mileage checks for Jenn, Diane and me for the bank trips we've made this past year. I won't have that figured out until June 30 th when we do payroll. The warrant is not all that large and I don't expect it will grow too much some more payroll stuff is about it. There will be some bills straggling in over the summer that will be credited to FY 2009, but I don't expect anything to go over budget!

Warrant 1 I've not started that warrant yet generally I put the social service and one-time payment items on here. We have enough cash that we can accomplish this with ample left over. The fire truck chassis payment will be on here too.

Cash & Budget Report Excise tax is still running about 10-percent behind. Investments are off. A couple of state funding sources (revenue sharing, road assistance) are also off as expected. Education is actually running ahead of revenue budget. I mentioned concerns about cash flow in August at the last meeting. We're going to have to pay $175,500 to the RSU each month, and as of now we do have enough to get through July. We'll have a pretty hefty paving bill in July, and we'll have to pay for the fire truck (that's on warrant 1). It may still be tight!

Encumbrance Order You mentioned roads last meeting and it looks like we'll have to encumber a bunch of road stuff. See the roads section I'm not sure if I'll be ready with an order for July 2 or have to wait until the 23rd .

Fire Truck Loan Mike Trainor has agreed to be our bond counsel and there should be paper work for you on the 2 nd to put the fire truck loan out to bid.

Audit The auditors did their field work last week. Nothing exciting to report. I've put their engagement in your packets.

Credit/Debit Cards I spoke with the person at The First who handles credit/debit cards. At this time it doesn't seem like they have a product to suit our needs. Apparently the way this works is that we charge a convenience fee that is the same for everyone and are still whacked for the merchant fee. To me, this is not acceptable. We can discuss it further at the meeting.

Excise Tax Report I should have this ready for your meeting as of the end of the fiscal year.

Fire Truck Body Bids None back so far the ad went into today's Bangor Daily News. The specs have been posted on line since Friday.

Thanks for Service I'll have nice certificates done for the school committee, Sara O'Connell and Colene Sharkey, all of whom are leaving service as of June 30 th .

Eagle Scout Project I've called Will Dickey and left a message that you would like to hear about his Eagle Scout project. I have not yet heard if he'll be able to attend.

Personnel Appointments An advertisement is posted on line and has been e-mailed asking for volunteers and a Road Commissioner. One person is interested in the Conservation Commission slot at this writing. The Appeals Board position has not yet been advertised as the current position holder is thinking over reappointment. I should know before the meeting on that position. The local school advisory committee approved last night 6/24 needs four members.

Roads A separate report is in your packet on the damage from the floods on June 20, 2009. Jay Fowler has done some emergency repairs to get the roads so they won't totally collapse. I gave him the authority to do that as the EMA director on Saturday morning.

The MDOT has problems with several sections of road. I spoke briefly to the area supervisor on Monday and he's aware of them, but I couldn't get a feel from him as to how or if they intend to address the problems.

We were slated to be paved on June 29, 2009, however Buttermilk Road took a bad hit from the flooding and repairs will not be able to be done on time for it to be ready to be paved. The initial plan is to delay paving a week.

A crack sealing company has finally surfaced. They've faxed a bid for Seal Point Road which would be a good candidate for crack sealing this year. It's a little more than budgeted (there is no budget for FY2010). My inclination is to recommend that we do the project as encumbered for FY 2009.

Contracts You have three paid, contracted, positions that need contract renewals. I believe we'll be all set after your executive session at the head of the meeting.

Shellfishing I've found Lamoine's old Shellfish ordinances from the 1980's, and Diane made them into a word file. I've also e-mailed Gouldsboro to see if they might share their ordinance. Jim Norris suggested forming an advisory committee to help get started on the process.

Special Town Meeting LD 1 I'll draw up a warrant for July 23, 2009 at 6:30 PM at the school this will be just prior to your regular meeting, which can be held either at the school or adjourn to the town hall so it can be on TV live.

Local School Advisory Committee Ordinance Since it passed, it needs to be signed for official filing.

Administrative Assistant Job Description The updated proposed job description is in your packet. It was tabled from last meeting.

Grants The fire department won a grant from MMA for traffic safety gear. The chief has asked me to order the equipment I will do so (probably before the meeting). The letter is in your packet

We also made it past the 1st round for a hazard mitigation grant for Needles Eye Road . That correspondence is in you packet.

There is no word on the Assistance to Firefighting Grant which would bring some more rescue equipment to the fire department. The application has been received not sure of the grant process.

Landfill Testing Change We got a lengthy letter from Bob Birk of the Maine DEP on landfill testing. We can cut back on the engineer testing to every other year, but the residential wells will be once a year.

Lamoine Quarterly I should have a final version ready for your approval at the meeting.

Goals- Your next goal is looking at the big picture. We're also looking at a big agenda. Gary also apparently has an update from the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce.

Next Meeting(s) I am not available on August 13th either it turns out. My wife got us tickets for the Jeff Dunham show in Portland . Could we change the schedule instead? Your next meeting is July 23rd , which skips a week (I'll be on vacation the week before that). Maybe August 6 th would work better?

I will see you on the 2nd provided we don't wash away!