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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of July 23, 2009

As I write this, I'm trying to get ready for a week's vacation from here. The weather finally turned sunny, but there is a lot of stuff to get done including a payroll, and putting this packet together a week early.

Remember your meeting will start immediately following the special town meeting which starts at 6:30 PM at the school.

Addendum Since I'll be gone for a week, I suspect some things might crop up for you to deal with. Don't know what they'll be.

Minutes Please look them over with your usual great editing

Will Dickey Report - Will's doing an Eagle Scout project which involves a recycling center at the school. His mom assures me he'll be there to give you a short oral report.

Warrant 2 This will be a big one as the 1 st RSU payment will be on here. The fire truck payment is also on here. There are a couple of payments that were due 7/15/09 and were made prior to signature but with notification via e-mail. These are the heating oil pre-purchase which you approved a few months ago, and the County Ambulance Contract which you signed a few weeks ago. I did clear payment with the chair, and the checks went in the mail on Monday the 13 th .

Cash & Budget Report one of the big tasks each change of fiscal year is formatting these reports, and that was done today (Friday the 10 th ) about the earliest date yet. You'll note the FY 2009 revenue report has a new line General Fund revenues. This takes the school revenue and other dedicated fund revenues out of that line, and gives a truer picture of where things stand.

Checking Account Reconciliation This is in your packets the checkbook balanced up nicely at year's end.

Tax Lien Report By law liens had to be filed this past week, and 48 were. That's up a little bit from the previous fiscal year.

Encumbrance Order(s) There will be an encumbrance order for the fire department one is for new Indian Tanks ($1,500) and approximately $1,200 for traffic safety gear for which we got a grant. All the items have arrived, and the fire department will finish the year under budget.

I will also try to prepare an encumbrance order for roads to cover the damage from the June 20 th storm.

Fund Transfers This doesn't require any action it's already been taken by town meeting. Among the fund transfers will be $25,000 from the capital improvements fund (approved for the fire truck), $40,000 from roads, and several thousand from the CTV fund to the general fund. This will help with cash flow a bit.

Investment Funds/Cash Flow Report We have a major shift in cash flow that we've experienced between voting to join an RSU and going to twice a year tax payments. I will prepare a better projection for both your use and our investment bank prior to the meeting.

Appointments Nick Pappas indicated that he would be willing to serve another term on the Appeals Board. I've not had any inquiries for any of the other positions. The Shellfish regulation committee should probably have some guidance and official appointments so that the members have authority to act on behalf of the Board. I'll try to draw up some ideas and official appointment papers.

Cell Phone Tower The Planning Board approved it unanimously. It should be up by Christmas!

Fire Truck Loan We've had a couple of bids come in. Should have possibly two more by the meeting.

Road Mowing I would recommend that you have the road commissioner seek prices on mowing and authorize him to award the job directly. There is a lot of grass to mow this year!

MMA Exec Board The materials are in your packets

Sign Request This was a verbal request from Mike Arsenault on behalf of his neighbor who is visually impaired. He requested the signs for Buttermilk Road . I'm not sure what the protocol is for such signs.

Next Meetings The schedule is laid out in the agenda. We'll have a long gap in August! The question is do you want two meetings or three in October?

I will see you on the 23rd I will be on vacation the week prior to that.