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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of August 6, 2009

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer this will be your only scheduled meeting for August I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet month with the only major project being the tax commitment process. Your meeting agenda shouldn't be too loaded just a few items to tackle.

Meet with Kelly Henry Kelly finished in the top 7 of the national Modern Woodmen of America speech contest. She'll be in to share that with you (you did a nice commendation for her recently), and there may be an official presentation to her at our meeting, which coincides with her grandparents being here as well!

Minutes Since I didn't have a recording to work from, please review them carefully.

Warrant 3 The big bill on here will be Lane Construction's $127,000 for paving. That will deplete the investment account to some extent. The crack sealing folks called as I was writing this, and they'll be here to do Seal Point Road on Saturday.

Cash & Budget Reports Bills and checks from the previous fiscal year are still trickling in. The current fiscal year report is also included in your packet (and on-line)

Checking Account Reconciliation I won't have this done until Monday the 3 rd at the earliest the statement won't be available until 8/1/09. You can either approve it on the fly, review it and sign it when you separately sign warrant 4 in a couple of weeks, or wait until September.

Cash Flow Report This was in the material handed out at the last meeting for your review. We can discuss some of the suggestions this time.

Fire Truck Loan Closing That is set for the 7th if any of you want to attend, it should be brief. I don't have an exact time yet. All the paperwork has been sent to the attorney.

CPI Calculation Pine Tree overcharged on the CPI increase last fiscal year they were using a comparison of June to June, instead of the annual CPI for the calendar year. The increase in transport costs this year is using a hybrid of the increase for the past year, with the difference subtracted out from the previous year. This will result in just a 2% increase instead of a 4% increase.

Meeting with Frenchman Bay Riders Charlie Harding will be in to discuss how to expand the parking area at the snowmobile club. We own the land, the club owns the building there is no formal agreement between the town and the snowmobile club about this. Perhaps this would be a good time to start some discussion about an agreement.

Shellfishing Regulation Advisory Committee (SHREAC, just because acronyms are fun!) - We've got quite a load of materials from the DMR. I'll not kill lots of paper yet, just copy the cover letter and some interesting data tables. The full package is also going to Jim Norris and is available for detailed review here if you desire.

Broadband Stimulus Grant I've e-mailed Time Warner to see if this is anything they're interested in, waiting to hear back. I briefly went to the federal website and it looks very complex with a deadline of August 14th . This might be a goal under community development, but I suspect it would take someone with far more expertise than me to fill out the grant materials.

Sign Request Buttermilk Road You now have a written request, along with a separate memo in regard to advisory signs. I've prepared quite a bit of material that is in your packet.

Appointments My wife said she would like to serve on the local school advisory committee, and Tammy Dickey apparently has said she would as well. That leaves just one more vacancy (assuming you're in agreement with putting two veterans of the school board on the committee). Still no takers on the Planning Board alternate position or the Parks Commission.

School Lot Delineation This is on here to see how you want to proceed in formulating an offer to RSU 24.

Road Commissioner My next task after this is to tackle the job description and to draft a policy on contractor choice/use. Interestingly, there has been quite a discussion amongst town managers on the latter issue today.

Goals You talked extensively a couple meetings ago about meeting with Chamber of Commerce and City of Ellsworth officials about promoting business in Lamoine. I didn't come away with a clear plan of what you would like to do next.

Meeting Schedule After this meeting, the regular 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month schedule would start in September. You should sign an expenditure warrant in late August. I'll prepare it before I leave on vacation (probably the week of the 17th ).

That completes the agenda items see you on Thursday!.