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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of September 3, 2009

Hot enough for you? Finally summer arrived this week, and it's been hopping in the town office too. As I write, the staff is stuffing tax bills into envelopes. The commitment is done, the tax rate set and I expect to see some revenue start to roll in. I will be on vacation next week (8/24 to 8/28) but working the Saturday shift on the 29th . I am also out of the office for most of the day on the 20th (tomorrow) as we'll be transporting the elder daughter back to college and it apparently requires three vehicles for all her stuff! I should be back in the afternoon. If all goes well, this packet will be ready Wednesday evening.

You've got a pretty busy meeting which could prove very interesting.

Minutes It will have been nearly a month since your last meeting. Look over the minutes and submit written corrections please.

Warrant 4 I will send out an e-mail indicating that the warrant is ready to sign when your packets are ready to pick up. This is a pretty small one (no school bill, and it's dated 8/19). I'm in hopes that you'll drift by the office to sign so I can send out some checks. We did have to move $50,000 from investments to cover the last warrant (paving), but nothing will have to be moved to cover this one.

Warrant 5 The payroll for next week will be on here, but I will not have a warrant ready for your packet. It, too, should be relatively small (I'm holding off the school bills until later in September, when we get money in!).

Cash & Budget Report The reports are current through warrant 4 as of this morning. I do NOT have the property tax amount in there yet that will be in the next round of reports.

Property Tax Commitment As noted above, the commitment is done. The assessors set the rate at 9.7 mills, up 7.78% from the previous year. That's about what I'd projected (far less than the dire 30% increases from others a year ago!). There is a pretty healthy overlay ($61,795), as the assessors expect there might be some abatement cases. I did speak with the assessors about committing around July 1st next year in case the due date changes to 8/31/10, and they encouraged that to happen, as the summer months tend to be busy for them personally.

Meeting with Janet Toth Ms. Toth is the Economic Development Director for the City of Ellsworth , and this will be part of your goal in regard to encouraging economic development. She is bringing her replacement at Eastern Maine Development Corporation with her. I look forward to an interesting discussion. I've had some feedback from folks who've been following this goal with words of encouragement that you continue down this path.

Snowmobile Club The communication from Tony Beardsley is in your packet. He's of the opinion that you have the right to authorize an expansion of the parking lot and to enter a formal lease agreement with the club. Bill Fennelly spoke with me briefly and he suggested putting it to town meeting to sell the land to the club.

Fire Department Lot Survey The estimate from Herrick & Salsbury is in your packet far less than what had been discussed at the previous meeting!

Pest Control There was a critter (probably a rat) that got into the basement and was scratching around the duct work the other day. You had authorized me to contact Modern Pest, which I did to get an estimate on pest treatment. The estimate is in your packet. A one time thing is doable; the monthly treatment is a little expensive. Let's discuss it.

Appointment Gordon Donaldson e-mailed me to let me know that Don Bamman is willing to serve as an alternate Planning Board member.

Park Kiosks The kiosks are in the process of being made. Kerry Galeaz said there is a setup cost that they were not anticipating. The number of kiosks has been cut down to two (one for Lamoine Beach , one for Bloomfield Park , none for Marlboro Beach ). This should bring the project within budget. Installation is expected after school starts when the carpenter is available.

Shellfishing Regional Ordinance I spoke with Jim Norris this morning, and things are progressing well. There has been a fair amount of press and I understand the other communities are willing to buy into a regional effort. A draft ordinance is in the works.

Lease of Map 1 Lot 57 Jennifer Reynolds was in the other day and wishes to appear before the Planning Board on Tuesday to get the ball rolling. She is aware that nothing will be happening until next spring. This will give us a chance to work up some sort of lease. We could discuss terms with Jennifer and maybe draft up something to be completed during the next few meetings.

Sculpture Project I hope Cynthia can provide an update on where the fund raising stands, where the project stands, and a date for installation and an event to celebrate that. I see the sign by the store shows the fund raising is overflowing!

Road Commissioner Job Description Mike should be around for this meeting. The marked up version from Dick's changes will be in your packet. Ditto on the assignment of projects policy

FEMA/Flooding I attended a meeting yesterday with the Maine EMA and have submitted the initial paperwork needed to obtain federal funding for the emergency cleanup. My plan is to work with Mike and to get bills from Jay Fowler and estimates for the completion of what still needs to be repaired. When that paperwork is complete, we'll submit it, and reimbursement should be relatively swift (75% federal, 15% state, 10% us).

Other I'm not sure if there is anything else pressing at this time. Since we're more than a week away from the meeting at this writing, it's likely something will crop up.

Next Meeting Dates The schedule through December calls for the 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the month. If that works for you, we could continue that through town meeting.

There are no executive session matters that I know of at this point there might be by the time the meeting date rolls around. If so, that will appear on the posted addendum.

Enjoy the nice weather I plan to!