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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 1, 2009

Hope you are enjoying a nice early autumn. The agenda is relatively long and should be quite interesting as you meet with the MDOT. It's also budget season, and I'm looking forward to getting started on that.

Minutes of September 17, 2009 Please look them over for errors. Dick and Cynthia were not here, but typo corrections are always welcome!

Warrant 7 I do not anticipate any big expenditures to be added to the warrant that is in your packet. In fact, most everything is payroll and payroll tax related at this point. The next warrant will be the big one, with the October school payment and the county tax bill all due, along with the first plowing bill installment. Thankfully, real estate taxes are coming in at a good clip.

Cash & Budget Report We've just started to see excise tax dip below the projected level for the year to date. Expenses are tracking OK.

Excise Tax Report The quarter will close the day before your meeting. Provided it's not too busy, I will be able to produce your quarterly report at the meeting, if not it will be ready by the 15 th .

Meeting with MDOT A memo to Dale Doughty is in your packet of areas to discuss. I spoke with Rep. Rob Eaton this morning and he plans to attend I had called him last meeting thinking it might be more appropriate for him to arrange for the meeting, but did not hear back right away. Nankervis Trucking has also been invited.

Winter Plowing This can probably be combined with the MDOT meeting. We discussed the school parking lot and I've e-mailed David Bridgham about that, but have yet to hear back.

Road Commissioner Job Description That was approved at the last meeting and awaits final adoption and signature.

Assignment of Road Maintenance Policy The draft is in your packet. This is the 3 rd or 4 th time it's been on the agenda and it would be good to get moving on it.

VZW Lease Amendment The paperwork is here for your signature to amend the lease to include an alternate entrance.

Resolves As instructed, resolves taking a position on the excise tax and TABOR II referenda are ready for signature. The board also mentioned a position on school consolidation repeal, but I'm not sure which side the board wishes to take, and I don't have anything drafted for that. Finally, we received a request via e-mail about Silver Star Banner Day. It's in your packet.

State Valuation Report The state's proposed 2010 valuation is in your packet, along with a printout of valuation figures that are kept as a running spreadsheet. I'm guessing you'll find it interesting.

Pole Permits I found the area where you are supposed to sign for the Bangor Hydro Permit (after speaking with the BHE person). FairPoint has also sent a permit application for the same location, I believe.

Leases The lease proposals for both the snowmobile club and Jennifer Reynolds have been mailed out for their review. I've not heard back yet, but told both that you are meeting on the 1 st .

Brownfields Grant / HCPC The information from the county Planning Commission is in your packet. We've written support letters for the past few years.

Holiday Hours Transfer Station Both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Friday this year. Generally we're open 12-5 on Friday, but I see no point being open on Christmas, and might suggest instead being open on Sunday the 27th , if that's agreeable with Bill. We really should publicize that early.

Lamoine Quarterly As of this writing, two pages are done, and once your packets are together, more will be on the way.

Regularly Schedule meeting with boards/Committees Jo asked that this be on the agenda following the discussion with the Planning Board last meeting.

Next Meetings The scheme I've been using to schedule your meetings is the 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of each month. There's a 5 th Thursday in October which you would skip (unless needed). The 3 rd Thursday in February falls during school vacation week. I'm not sure if that's a problem it's not for me.

Budget Workshop It would be helpful to have the town meeting date for 2010 set at this time. The first Tuesday and Wednesday of April are the 6 th and 7 th . By setting it now we can advertise nomination papers in the quarterly before they're actually available, and maybe line up Harvey Kelley to moderate.

Administration Budget My goal is to present you an administration budget to mark up at this workshop prior to the Budget Committee's first meeting on the 19 th . More budgets will follow.

See you on Thursday!