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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 15, 2009

Where has this month gone already? The agenda for this time around doesn't look too bad, and with luck, you might have a relatively short meeting.

Things are relatively quiet in town. The fire department assisted with the search for a lost sailor for a couple of days without success. Rain hampered efforts to get started on some road work this week. Bids are due in on the Needles Eye project on Saturday.

Remember, the town office is closed on Monday the 12th for Columbus Day.

Minutes Please check over the minutes from last meeting and bring written corrections.

Warrant 8 This is likely to be your largest warrant of the fiscal year. The school payment for October and the County Tax payment are both on here. I anticipate having enough funds to cover both by their respective due dates thanks to property taxes. Your paychecks are on this warrant, as are the other semi-annual and annual payments to compensated elected or appointed personnel. You'll notice the Tax Collector/Clerk's pay is higher than usual. She filled in while Diane was gone for a couple of weeks, and got a lot of hours in including three and a half hours of overtime.

Cash & Budget Report Things are looking OK. We're actually just slightly ahead on excise tax collections as of the 8th . Interest income is down sharply, mainly because there is not very much in the investment account. Expenses are mostly where they should be. Excluding property taxes, incomes are about on track.

Checking Account Reconciliation The reconciliations are in your packet.

GA Ordinance Annually you set the various maximum levels of assistance as required. A public hearing notice has been posted at the town hall. Rarely is there any comment on this. I'll put the public hearing notice and the proposed new maximums in your packets.

Meeting with Fire Chief Re: New Truck, Engine 402 A separate memo is in your packet in regard to this matter. Skip will meet with you on Thursday.

Maine Biz Jo was going to look over this publication to see if it would be of value.

Silver Star Day Resolution I've not had a chance yet to do much more research into this. I hope to have something by the meeting

Meeting Schedule with committees, dept. heads A separate memo is in your packet with a proposed schedule.

Junkyards The applications (and fee) from Barry Norris have not arrived, therefore a public hearing has not been scheduled. The permits expire October 31st . I'm in hopes that he'll get these matters submitted before the expiration, and the hearing could be November 5th .

Road Updates Bids are due Saturday for the Needles Eye Road culvert project. The Fowlers have the list of FEMA funded repairs from the June Flooding. Mike plans to assign a couple of projects to Richard McMullen. There should be more news by Thursday.

Businesses of Lamoine I quickly did up the list of what I knew for businesses in town. The question is, now that you have an idea of what businesses there are, what do you wish to do with it. You had talked about a forum if so, who will facilitate, how should we notify business owners, and when would you hold it, not to mention what would be discussed.

Next Meetings The schedule runs through February meeting the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.

Budget Workshop I have drafts of the Administration and Solid Waste Budgets done up for your review. Make whatever changes you want, and that's what will be submitted to the budget committee on the 19th .