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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 5, 2009

As you know you've got an extra week between meetings which will be most welcome in this office as we've got the property tax due date and a major election to contend with. The fall road work is being completed. I was able to get the flags off the poles this week.

You're agenda doesn't look too bad, the addendum may grow as there is that extra week.

Minutes As always, thank-you for the written suggestions.

Warrant 9 The biggest bill on here (so far) is the Nankervis contract payment, which will be paid 10/31 as per contract agreement. The invoice came in the day after your last meeting. We will also have a transfer into the investment management account that will be determined the day of the meeting. The rest of the vouchers on here are relatively small, routine bills. There are a couple of fire truck purchase amounts to reimburse Moe Oliver for office supplies consumed in the manufacturing and bid process (ink cartridges & paper), and for the ad in the American to sell E-402. The bill for Herrick & Salsbury is also on here for the fire department lot delineation.

Cash & Budget Report In looking over the figures as of this writing (10/23/09) things look OK. Property tax revenue is catching up quickly (we'll be over the top by the end of tomorrow most likely), excise has dipped below expectations by $1,100. Expenses are where I would expect them to be. At this time I have no concerns.

Compliance Form Hodgkins Scholarship Fund Maine Community Foundation needs some forms signed so that you can administer this fund. The material is in your packet.

Auto Graveyard Hearings/Action I'm expecting the applications from Pro Auto by Monday the 26 th . They had lost the first set, got a new set up yesterday, and they called for copies of the applications from last year this morning. Dennis will inspect the two yards and have a report for you by meeting night.

Parks Commission Your November meeting has the Parks Commission scheduled. They have a fair amount going on with the kiosks and I'll double check with Kerry to see that they'll be in. This should be a pleasant meeting.

HCPC Letter The information is in your packet. We did this last year.

Flag Display The Budget Committee requested more detail on the potential costs for maintaining the flags we're currently displaying (which were taken down on Wednesday the 21st .). It is in your packet. This program has no one officially tasked to put the flags up and take them down. I don't mind doing it, but it consumes an entire day, and finding one with decent weather and the available time is getting more difficult.

Fire House/School Lot delineation The survey by Herrick & Salsbury is done. I would suggest dual submission one to the Planning Board and one to RSU #24. Presumably the RSU would approve and the Planning Board will not, kicking it to the Appeals Board for action.

Sale of Fire Truck 402 The bid was advertised in the Ellsworth American, on the Maine Municipal Association Website, and on our website and bids were due 11/2/09. You'll have the results from the fire chief for your meeting. So far there has been no interest expressed here.

Transfer Station Outhouse I finally got around to calling the Maine DEP on this and have prepared a memo in your packet. We can probably get rolling on this project.

Election Results This may generate some interesting discussion, but obviously I have nothing to add at this point other than that absentee balloting has been very brisk!

Silver Star Day You took home the information from the previous meeting. What action (if any) do you wish to take?

Business Development Goal We got a nice reply from Janet Toth which was forwarded to you via e-mail and is included in your packet. We can discuss that and the next steps to follow at this meeting.

Returnable Application(s) I've put in an application for the flag program.

Next Meetings Keeping with the 1 st and 3 rd Thursday schedule, the agenda shows the meeting schedule through March 2010.

Budget Workshop The schedule has Roads, Planning, Code Enforcement, and Cable TV on the schedule. This will be part of your workshop and I'll be working with the various parties involved for submissions to you by the 5 th . If all goes well, it will be in your packets for delivery on the 31 st .

The minutes from last meeting are in your packets as well. There are a couple of things to note. The Budget Committee is asking that you review the Donation Review Ordinance for potential changes. A separate memo is in your packet. The Committee also asked for the flag information (that's previously discussed in this agenda). The Committee also asked the Planning Board to consider raising fees, especially for subdivisions, to reflect more of a true cost to the town.

That's about it from here as of Friday the 23rd . See you on Nov. 5th (probably on the 3rd too when you come in to vote!).