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For Meeting of November 19, 2009

Things have quieted down significantly at the town office since the passage of Election Day. It feels good to finally catch one's breath! Even your agenda is fairly light, though I hesitate to ever predict a brief meeting.

I will be out of the office beginning on November 17 th after 1PM and will not be in on the 18 th (most likely) as I'll be getting a colonoscopy. Ahh, the joys of being over 50. Those in the know say I'll have no trouble functioning on the 19th .

Minutes Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 10 About the only unusual expense on here will be for Best Buy. The Cable TV Committee approved of purchase of a 2 nd camera, which has been done. The Harbor Masters (whom I forgot to pay in October) will be paid on this warrant as well. The big check will be the monthly RSU check. The November plowing bill will likely be received in time for the meeting. And we might have the final payment for the fire truck due on this warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports I'm writing this before doing the warrant and the cash reports, but I don't expect anything unusual as we head into the winter months.

Checking Account Reconciliation The checking account balanced nicely and the report is in your packet.

Audit Contract Our auditing contract with Jim Wadman runs out after this latest audit. The Budget Committee recommended seeking another 3-year extension with them, which will help with the administration budget effort.

Fire Truck Update If all goes well, the truck might be parked at the fire house by the time your meeting starts. We're expecting delivery in the next few days. The seat issue was resolved by K&T cutting the existing bench seat and upholstering the two sides, and installing the console in that cut. Bucket seats, it turns out, were not an option for that truck. K&T will be picking up E402 when they deliver the new truck. We've seen some pictures as of last Monday and the truck looks like it is nearly done.

Road Update The Needles Eye project is done it looks very good. One Goodwin bill was received by this writing (11/12/09), I expect the other one. The reimbursement request from FEMA will be going in as soon as I get the 2 nd bill. We have just a little bit left to do on the flood damage (grading Buttermilk and Asa's Lane the biggest part). Once those projects are done, Mike & I will update the list we started in September.

The MDOT has done an excellent job grading Route 204 from Pinkhams Flats to Marlboro Beach Road. I plan to draft up a thank-you letter for you to send to Dale Doughty and Joe Lacerda.

School Plowing I'm not sure if Nankervis Trucking should bill RSU 24 for plowing the school lot, or if the bill should come from the town instead. My gut feeling is that Nankervis should stay out of this and we come up with a figure for the school plowing for this winter and submit it to the RSU. Let me know what you think.

Sculpture Update The sculpture is here and installed at Lamoine State Park. See Town Report Cover below for more! Congratulations to everyone who put in the hard work for this project.

Junkyard Application I've drafted up a new application for junkyards as instructed last meeting. It incorporates our local ordinance requirements, looks sharper, and should work better. Look it over, suggest any changes you want, and we can implement that next fall.

Business Development I'm waiting to hear back from Janet Toth.

Shellfishing Ordinance Dick mentioned at the last meeting there would be some startup cost to this, and had a rather staggering figure. We should probably keep this on the agenda for a while so we can get some updates.

Single Stream Recycling I've put an e-mail thread from Maine Resource Recovery Association in your packet regarding this idea. The question is, do you want to pursue this? The recycling program we have now is a bit expensive, and I'm not sure this will save anything, but it's a bit more convenient for the user.

Returnables Request The Parks Commission (which is getting the October receipts), is putting in their request for the 2 nd year of the program. We don't have many backed up (December is the last one, the flag program). Let's discuss that.

Municipal Review Committee Election The ballot and candidate info are in your packet.

Town Report Proposed Cover I'm proposing the sculpture be on the cover this year any other thoughts? I've put a black & white copy in your packet (the color one looks really good, I'll whip it out at the meeting).

Budget A separate memo on Social Service requests is in your packet. Cynthia was at the last Budget Committee meeting and can probably provide additional insight.

Budget Workshop There isn't much new the Planning Board is proposing the same as the current year, the YMCA is proposing the same as the past several years.

That literally is everything that I have at this point. See you Thursday.